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Finding the Right Lawyer

Find a good lawyer

The unfortunate truth is, there are very few happy reasons to contact a lawyer. If you find yourself in need of legal advice or representation, the chances are good that the situation is bad. So knowing the right questions to ask lawyers in the right area of law can mean the difference between a bad situation handled well, and a bad situation that gets worse.

“How do I find a lawyer if I have been accused of a crime?” These types of lawyers are called criminal attorneys, and they also represent people who have been accused of a crime by city, state, or federal authorities. You will need to present your attorney with as much information as you possibly can so they can advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Your attorney can then recommend how you should plead and what the consequences of e

Georgelis Law Firm, P.C. in Lancaster PA


Georgelis Law Firm, P.C.

2173 Embassy Drive

Lancaster, PA 17603


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Lancaster, PA law firm that concentrates energies on the Lancaster community by representing those injured in accidents or on the job. Georgelis Law Firm attorneys offer free consultation regarding personal injury of workers’ compensation cases.

Georgelis Law Firm only represents injured workers — never the insurance companies. If you are hurt on the job, we can provide you with strong, effective representation and the ability to stand up for your rights.

Once an auto accident happens and injuries occur, there are many things that should be done to protect the injured person’s rights and interests. Let Georgelis Law Firm take swift and decisive action to help protect your rights.

Because we concentrate our energies solely on the Lancaster community, we’re able to dedicate our full time and attention to you, our friends and neighbors. We live here. We work here. And we raise our families here – just like you. It’s our passion to help fellow residents who, for one reason or another, can’t help themselves. That’s why, at Georgelis Law Firm, we limit our practice to representing only those who have been injured in accidents or on the job – never the insurance companies.