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Drinking and Driving When to Contact an Attorney for Legal Representation

Dui laws by state

Everyone enjoys kicking back and having a good time. Unfortunately, common sense is often nowhere to be found when alcohol is in the mix as every night hundreds of thousands of individuals across the country drive while under the influence of alcohol. In many cases, nothing happens to some of these individuals — they arrive at home and consider themselves either skilled, clever, or lucky. A number of these drivers will be found and arrested by police if they are lucky or involved in a traffic accident that could potentially claim their life or the life of an innocent tragically. Since DUI laws in different states vary, it pays to familiarize oneself with free litigation advice for your state — drinking and driving is never, ever worth the ri

Filing For Bankruptcy Or A Medical Claim? Choose The Right Legal Representative

Bankruptcy claim

It seems like an accident or legal stumble can happen at any time in your life. Americans all across the country find themselves in need of a legal representative to help them navigate the system at large and get their life back into their own hands, whether it’s contacting accident claims lawyers for work-related reasons or filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy attorney. Knowing which services to inquire, however, can be the first hurdle on your way to recovery. Let’s take a look at the services that legal representatives can offer you and how you can go about figuring o

Three Famous Securities Fraud Cases

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The ability of the dishonest to negatively impact others through securities fraud, which the FBI defines as crimes that either deceive investors or manipulate the financial markets, seems to grow with each generation. It is counted among the white collar offenses, but it still devastates the lives of victims. This crime often is well hidden due to the business savvy and intellect of perpetrators, but that does not mean that karma, and the FBI, never catches up to the perpetrators. Here are three of the more highly publicized incidents of securities fraud that have been brought to the criminal justice system.

  1. Enron: Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are responsible for the loss of $74 billion dollars of investo

Eight Things to Know About Court Reporting

Court reporting cincinnati

Trying to settle upon a career path is difficult, but if you have decided on court reporting, or think it might be for you, then you certainly have selected an adaptable and lucrative option, and an interesting one too. It is not an easy career to simply jump into though, it requires secondary education and certification, so it is not a decision to be made lightly. If you still need more information to finalize your decision, here are ten facts about court reporters.

  1. Court reporters use a stenotype machine to record the spoken word in short hand, and are called stenographers as a result. A standard stenotype machine has only 22 keys.
  2. There are also audio transcribing machine