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4 Steps on How to Become a Court Reporter

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Court reporters are the professionals trusted with the task of writing down and keeping track of everything that goes on in each court case. If you have decided to get into a career of court reporting, there are some steps to follow. Read on to learn the steps!

1. Choose the path you want to take

There are many different fields to choose from if you want to become a court reporter. Even though all classes have the same basic structures, there are three major programs:

  • Judicial reporting. Taking records of court proceedings and hearings.
  • Closed/broadcast captioning. This is when you provide a live feed to a network.
  • Communications Access Realtime Reporting. This court reporter service specializes in providing aid to deaf and hard of hearing pe

What Every Driver Should Know About DUI Laws in Ohio

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Are you or someone you know facing a DUI charge in Ohio? Or perhaps you just want to familiarize yourself with the DUI laws in Ohio. Whatever your reason for being here, Welcome. We’ve compiled 7 of the most important points every Ohio driver should know before getting behind the wheel, particularly if he’s had a few drinks.

  1. In Ohio, a DUI by any other name is still a DUI. Ohio law enforcement often prefer to use the acronym OVI, or “Operating a Vehicle Intoxicated,” as opposed to DUI, or the more familiar “Driving Under the Influence.”
  2. Know thy limit and thy limit is .08%. Unless it’s not. It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or above in Ohio. If you are a commercial driver or under the age of 21, this limit