Facts On Car Accident Attorneys

Car crash attorney

There is no easy aspect to dealing with a car accident, especially if you are not at fault and end up getting injured within the process of getting hit by a car. These injuries can hurt someone in two major ways that make dealing with this problem incredibly difficult. This is because when someone is injured in a car accident they will not only have to deal with high-cost medical bills but also because they will have to deal with losing time at work which takes their money away.

Understand the court of law is not easy and as a result, it is incredibly difficult to find a good, reliable, and hardworking attorney for a car accident because unless you know the lawyer well you are not sure if you can trust them. It is important to know that the court of law features many attorneys that can help including a pedestrian collision attorney, tractor trailer crash attorney, a truck crash attorney or truck accident attorney, and much more.

It is not easy to find an attorney for car accident but the work is worth it. Here is what people should know about finding the right attorney for car accident.

In 2014, almost 90 people died every day because of car crashes and over 6,000 people were also injured. The leading cause of death for all Americans between the ages of 11 and 24 was none other than a car crash as well. These are two leading reasons as to why finding the right attorney for car accident is important.

When someone is involved in a large truck accident then they definitely need to find a good attorney for car accident. In the year of 2012, there were over 3,900 people killed in large truck accidents and over 100,000 people injured in these types of accidents. In that same year, over 330,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes as well. These people injured in these types of accidents will undoubtedly need a good attorney for car accident.

Nearly 81% of all fatal crashes involving large trucks are multiple-vehicle crashes and this can get tricky when understanding who is at fault and is another reason that someone should get a good attorney for car accident. A total of 3,852 people died in large truck crashes in 2015. Almost 16% of those killed were truck occupants, 69% were occupants of a car, and 15% were pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists.

Drunk driving collisions are another instance where someone should find a good attorney for car accident. Someone is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes in the United States. This may seem extreme but understand that most people will drive drunk over 300,000 times in their lives but less than 4,000 drunk drivers are ever actually arrested. Keep in mind that the average drunk driver has been drunk while driver almost 80 times before ever getting arrested.

Many experts now believe that distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving now as well. Across the country, nearly 660,000 drivers will be distracted by using a smartphone will they are driving. When people are using smartphones, data has revealed that they are three times more likely to get into a car accident.

In Conclusion

There is no situation in which someone you know or you yourself are injured in a car accident where you do not need to find a good attorney for a car accident. Whenever there is an accident where someone is hurt and they are not at fault they definitely need a good law firm or lawyer to stand behind them. This way they can get the most compensation possible to help them deal with high medical bills and also time away from work.

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