Find a Bankruptcy Attorney in New Albany

Bankruptcy lawyer in new albany

Bankruptcy can be challenging, both emotionally and financially. However, bankruptcy doesn’t have to totally ruin you. It is entirely possible to recover from a bankruptcy and rebuild your credit. It is quite possible that you can even be approved for a mortgage as early as three or four years after your filing. However, if you’re filing for bankruptcy in the New Albany area area you’ll need to find a good bankruptcy attorney in new albany

There are two primary forms of personal bankruptcy filings. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is liquidation, while Chapter 13 is reorganization. The average Chapter 7 bankruptcy is opened and closed within three to six months. This tends to be the quickest and easiest form of bankruptcy and is the most common form of bankruptcy in the US. Chapter 13 can be described as reorganization. This allows individuals with a regular source of income to to gradually pay off their debts. A three to five year repayment plan is generally required under Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, unless the court discharges the debts early due to hardship.

However, to help you deal with your bankruptcy you will need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer in new albany as the entire process can be quite long and complex. In addition, a bankruptcy attorney in New Albany can help you to determine which kind of bankruptcy is most appropriate for your particular situation. If you’re going through bankruptcy make sure to contact a reputable, experienced bankruptcy attorney in new albany. Bankruptcy can be confusing and stressful, make sure you get the proper legal guidance.

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