Lawyers: Popular Perceptions and the Reality

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers earned an average salary of $130,880 as of 2012? Lawyers do pretty well for themselves, and representations on televisions, and in popular culture, largely contribute to an overall negative opinion of those in the legal profession. What is the reality of the situation,

Are You in Trouble with the Law? Four Sources for Finding a Good Lawyer

Did you know that, according to the NAACP, the United States comprises only 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 25% of its prisoners? The fact is that huge numbers of Americans are arrested, brought to court, and incarcerated on a daily basis for a wide variety of crimes. According to the FBI, the

What Is the Bankruptcy Filing Process Like When You Have a Lawyer?

Approximately 1,221,091 Americans were overwhelmed by debt, and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. There are certain warning signs that indicate you could also be in danger of needing to file. If you use a credit card to pay for another credit card, if you are only able to afford the minimum payments, if you are

Thing to Consider When Looking for a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be a stressful and heart wrenching event in your life, regardless of the circumstances. And the effects can be felt long after the lawyers have been paid and all the correct paperwork has been filled out and signed. Doing what you can now to make the process as easy and efficient as

What Can You Do About Divorce Costs?

An average United States divorce, from start to finish, costs about $15,000. There are, of course, many variables that can make that figure fluctuate, some of which you can control and some of which are out of your hands. Here are a few of the big factors, how they affect the cost of your divorce,

Going about Things the Right Way When You Want to Cancel Timeshares without Hassle

For a lot of people, different business opportunities become lucrative at different points of time. While some people consider opening their own business, some think purchasing property is a good way to invest money for the future. In this context, a lot of people have in the past been attracted

Why You Need a Local Truck Accident Lawyer to Protect You

There are roughly six million car accidents in the United States each year resulting in approximately three million people being injured. The three main causes of car accidents are distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and drivers speeding. Distracted driving took the lives of 3,477 people in the year 2015 alone, and

Things You Need to Know About Foreclosure in California

If you live or own a home in the state of California and you face the possibility of foreclosure on your property, you are not the only one. There are thousands of financially distressed homeowners in your state who are facing the same thing. They might be dealing with different

The 2 Ways A Duii Lawyer Can Save You

Your case is almost always unique and requires some oversight. It’s best not to take a chance and consult a duii lawyer. Criminal defense lawyers are here to help you with your case and ensure your rights are protected. Duii lawyers will give their honest opinions on your case and

3 Main Importance of Consulting a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Apart from just accumulating points on your driving license, getting a ticket can adversely affect your insurance premium and it can also cause your driving license to be revoked or suspended. Furthermore, if you are caught up in a criminal traffic offense and you fail to address a ticket within

Motorcycle and Other Traffic Accidents Injuries and Fatalities Increase Over Holiday Weekends

When someone has been involved in a vehicle accident, it’s important to contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. If an injury has occurred due to the accident, then obtaining the counsel of an auto accident attorney and a personal injury lawyer is usually advised. A car accident