Lawyers: Popular Perceptions and the Reality

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers earned an average salary of $130,880 as of 2012? Lawyers do pretty well for themselves, and representations on televisions, and in popular culture, largely contribute to an overall negative opinion of those in the legal profession. What is the reality of the situation,

Are You in Trouble with the Law? Four Sources for Finding a Good Lawyer

Did you know that, according to the NAACP, the United States comprises only 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 25% of its prisoners? The fact is that huge numbers of Americans are arrested, brought to court, and incarcerated on a daily basis for a wide variety of crimes. According to the FBI, the

What Is the Bankruptcy Filing Process Like When You Have a Lawyer?

Approximately 1,221,091 Americans were overwhelmed by debt, and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. There are certain warning signs that indicate you could also be in danger of needing to file. If you use a credit card to pay for another credit card, if you are only able to afford the minimum payments, if you are

Thing to Consider When Looking for a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be a stressful and heart wrenching event in your life, regardless of the circumstances. And the effects can be felt long after the lawyers have been paid and all the correct paperwork has been filled out and signed. Doing what you can now to make the process as easy and efficient as

What Can You Do About Divorce Costs?

An average United States divorce, from start to finish, costs about $15,000. There are, of course, many variables that can make that figure fluctuate, some of which you can control and some of which are out of your hands. Here are a few of the big factors, how they affect the cost of your divorce,

Drunk Driving Accidents and Other Situations Where Consulting With a Personal Injury Attorney May Be Beneficial

There are a variety of accidents that occurs on roads, streets, and highways throughout the United States. While some of these may be no fault of the drivers, a large percentage are. The Association for Safe International Road Travel reported that every year, road crashes result in the death of

The Importance Of Finding A Good Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a difficult, emotionally draining process. There are so many questions, like what is uncontested divorce? What do I need to do for a divorce? What steps should I take? If you’re wondering what is uncontested divorce among other questions to ask an attorney about

Choosing the Best Accident Attorney to Represent Your Interests in a Personal Injury Case

When it comes to having a rewarding and fulfilling life, one of the things that most people try to avoid at all costs are accidents and resultant injuries. There are a number of precautions you can take to steer clear of accidents but they can still happen. A number of

Drunk Driving, Distracted Driving And Truck Pile-Ups What To Do When You’re The Victim Of A Crash

Hiring a lawyer is often the last thing you think of when you’re the victim of a car accident. You have medical bills to pay. A car insurance claim to figure out while you recover from your injuries. Reaching out to a lawyer can feel like yet another detail on

Car Accident Deaths Three Major Causes

Accidents. They are a problem in every day life. A person might forget their keys, or a person might slip and fall. Accidents are a hazard in every day life and everyone will likely befall one at some point or another. But there are accidents that are more difficult to

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers May Help Clients Understand All of Their Options

You are determined that the year 2018 will be the best one yet. In order for that to happen, however, you need to get some legal aid for divorce proceedings. And while you think that you may only need a firm with uncontested divorce lawyers, you want to be totally