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Understanding Settlement Cases for Personal Injury and What Leads to Them

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Driving safely is an important task that many people face on a daily basis, and perhaps because we drive so often, there is not much thought given to just how careful we all need to be. Of course, there are careful, meticulously safe drivers on the road, but it would be a safe guess to say that a rather large percentage of drivers on the roads these days are distracted.

Yes, there are drunk drivers, and there are those who would never dream of getting behind the wheel intoxicated. But just because you feel like you might be in a place to judge those who drink and drive does not necessarily mean that you are completely innocent yourself, in your driving habits and just how safe you are behind the wheel.
Safety on the roads for all drivers and passengers

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Four Things to Do Immediately When You’re Charged With a DUI

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Many people drive drunk fairly regularly, thinking that they’re only “buzzed” and they’ll be safe. But in the eyes of the law, “buzzed” is usually the same thing as “drunk,” and drunk driving is highly dangerous.

When you ingest alcohol, your body isn’t able to respond as quickly or accurately as it can when you’re sober. No matter how normal you feel, your body is reacting to the alcohol you’ve consumed, and you won’t always know just how slow your reaction speeds are until it’s too late.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), drunk drivers cost the U.S. nearly $2 billion each year. Someone is injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes, and 32% of all car crash fatalities can be blamed on drunk driving (31% are caused by speeding, 16% by distractions like cell phones,