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The Advantages Of Police Departments Using Body Cameras

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There has been a recent growth in demand for accountability on the parts of police officers. Of course, there has always been a need to hold police officers accountable — they’re only human, and sometimes mistakes are made by complete accident. However, that doesn’t mean that those who make such mistakes shouldn’t be held responsible and disciplined when necessary. The issue with this is that, as much as departments may want to hold officers accountable, there is sometimes a difference in one witness statement versus another. The officer might genuinely not remember everything that transpired during an event — or they might be purposefully evading the truth. A bystander could just easily be mistaken or even lying. The only thing that can testify to the truth is an impartial witness; this is best provided

Need Help with an Immigration Case? Hire a Local Attorney

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If you’re a college student experiencing legal issues, you want to hire an attorney rather than wait for a public defender to see you. Since public defenders aren’t allowed to turn down cases they don’t have time for in 60% of the state systems, you want to have counsel available immediately. While public defenders do practice law, they do so at the behest of the court system, since you are entitled to legal representation.

Were you arrested for underage alcohol possession, a suspected DUI, or an alleged sex crime? In 2012 alone, there were over 12 million arrests made by law enforcement for these and other reasons. It is unfortunately that on an annual basis,