Are You One of the 125 Million that Will File for Bankruptcy This Year?

Bankruptcy lawyers in indiana

According to Epiq Systems, which is a legal technology provider, the number of people filing for bankruptcy this year is estimated to fall to 1.25 million. Last year the number of people filing for bankruptcy was 1.38 million. Record numbers of people in the United States and all across the world for that matter, are having financial difficulties. People who need to file bankruptcy Indiana have several different bankruptcy lawyers in Indiana that they can go to for their bankruptcy needs. Before you file for bankruptcy Indiana you are supposed to undergo credit counseling. A bankruptcy lawyer Indiana can give you information on where to go for that. When you go to a lawyer to file bankruptcy Indiana they will also tell you all about the other requirements and which debts you can discharge or not by filing bankruptcy.

A lot of celebrities have had to file for bankruptcy at some point in their lives. People filing for bankruptcy Indiana are not the only ones. Many professional athletes end up filing bankruptcy. According to Sports Illustrated, professional athletes can end up in financial difficulty in as little as 2 years after they retire from sports. Celebrities like Elton John, Anna Nicole Smith, Willie Nelson, Mike Tyson and even Larry King and Jerry Lee Lewis have filed for bankruptcy before. These days identity theft is also a problem. There have been times when someone has had their identity stolen and have ending up having to file bankruptcy Indiana. The problem is so bad that MasterCard began using holograms on their cards to prevent fraud. They were the first credit card company to do so. Since then, many other credit card companies have followed suit.

When someone goes into bankruptcy they may also be facing foreclosure indiana. A foreclosure lawyer should be retained if you are facing this problem. A good Indiana bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help stall or stop a foreclosure too. The first thing to do when you want to file bankruptcy Indiana is to talk to a good lawyer about filing bankruptcy Indiana. There are different types of bankruptcies to file for. Your lawyer can determine which Chapter of bankruptcy Indiana you qualify for.

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