Four Importance Services of a Personal Injury Attorney


You were involved in a serious auto accident. The accident was not your fault, yet you were left with injuries that will require regular medical care for years to come. You are also unable to work while you receive current medical treatment. What are your options? How will you pay your bills while you are recovering from the auto accident? These are common concerns when it comes to personal injury following an auto accident. If you currently have any of these concerns, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney for the following reasons.

To handle the legal side of the auto accident

Most auto accidents require some amount of legal action. There may be a court date or you might be required to give your case to the police officer. If you are dealing with medical concerns, this can become overwhelming. However, when you work with a personal injury attorney, you can leave all the legal talk to them. A personal injury attorney will handle all communication with the legal system.

There may also be legal charges involved if the other driver was involved in illegal activity during the auto accident. One of the most common causes of auto accidents is distracted driving. At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving. Drugs or alcohol could also be present. In 2012, 10.3 million people reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs in the past year. Let your personal injury attorney focus on the legal charges, while you focus on your medical condition.

To provide medical documentation for compensation

If your injuries were caused by the auto accident, it is likely that you are owed compensation. The other insurance company should cover any and all medical expenses incurred because of the auto accident. However, this often requires a great deal of paperwork. You have to prove to the other insurance company your medical needs and justify the costs. Again, this process can get very overwhelming when you are focusing on your condition. Your personal injury attorney can handle all documentation and filing for just compensation.

To assist with social security disability benefits

Many personal injuries prevent the ability to work for an extended period of time. When this occurs, you might make the decision to file for social security disability benefits. This is additional funding from the state that will allow you to pay your mortgage and other bills, even while you receive medical treatment for the injury. Applying for social security disability benefits can be a lengthy and complex process. Your personal injury attorney is experienced and can help you through the application process.

Filing for bankruptcy

You hope that it does not come to it, but bankruptcy is sometimes possible for those dealing with an auto accident injury. If your bills are piling up while you wait for insurance claim money or to be approved for social security, you could be forced to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can give you a waiting period until you receive owed compensation. If you choose to file bankruptcy, you will want to work closely with your personal injury attorney. They can submit the appropriate paperwork and request extensions if payouts are expected soon.

Auto accidents commonly lead to personal injury. In just 2013, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers, and about 424,000 people were injured. Dealing with a personal injury from an auto accident that was not your fault can be extremely overwhelming. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you with handling legal charges, submitting needed medical documents, applying for social security disability benefits, and filing for bankruptcy, if needed.

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