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11 Types of Law You Can Practice


As you pursue your career goals, is the law field speaking to you? If so, you may understand that there are several types of law you can practice. When people think of lawyers, they often automatically think of the criminal lawyer in high-profile court cases. While criminal law is an option, it’s simply one of many. The different areas of law have their own challenges and rewards to consider. Use this guide as a way to decide which one may be best for you.

1. Foreclosure

A foreclosure is one of the worst things to happen to any homeowner. When a homeowner can no longer afford to pay their mortgage, it may go into what’s called foreclosure. Foreclosure is when the mortgage holder, which is usually a bank, takes back ownership of the property. If the home crisis in America concerns you, you may want to go into foreclosure defense. By going into this legal field, you’ll help homeowners dealing with the loss of their homes due to such defaults.

Use your expertise to negotiate with their lenders as well as apply for loan modifications. You can also help clients file for bankruptcy, which can help them avoid foreclosure. You’ll gain an expert knowledge of real estate law, bankruptcy law, contract law, as well as consumer protection law. Most importantly, as you gain experience in this field, you’ll be able to help prevent many Americans from losing their homes.

Do you remember the huge bank collapse around 2008? Many Americans suffered from home loss due to unscrupulous mortgage and refinancing loans they signed. As you become an expert in this field, you can help prevent people from being taken advantage of in such situations.

2. Bankruptcy

If you’re interested in the types of law you can practice that can help people in dire financial situations, then the bankruptcy field may be right for you. A mortgage can be one of many debts that some people can struggle to pay due to various circumstances. When people can no longer afford to pay such debts, they may have to fall for bankruptcy. Extensive medical bills are the number one reason why Americans go into bankruptcy. Your clients may have to fall for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, depending on your situation.

As a bankruptcy attorney, you’ll understand creditor rights, business law, bankruptcy law, and tax law as you pursue this field. As a local bankruptcy lawyer, you can play a major role in helping people restart their lives after a financial calamity. Depending on the type of bankruptcy a client has, they may have to liquidate all of their assets to pay back creditors. Or they may utilize a strict payment plan to pay back their creditors. You’ll use your expertise to advise on the best type of plan to pursue.

3. Criminal Law

There are some types of law you can practice in which you’ll always have a flood of clients to consider. If you decide to pursue criminal law, you likely won’t be at a loss for people to represent. After all, crime rates are unfortunately not getting any lower and the economy doesn’t help. A crime refers to anything that’s illegal and can be something as minor as a misdemeanor or something as big as a felony or murder.

Criminal lawyers can be on either side of the courtroom. You may end up being a prosecutor or defense attorney. You will represent your clients in court and will help plead their case to a judge. You and your legal team will also help to conduct investigations and gather necessary evidence. Your work will involve building a case to thoroughly present such evidence in court to help your client have a favorable outcome. Expect to become an expert on constitutional law, evidence law, and criminal procedure. As a criminal lawyer, you’ll often deal with police and other legal professionals.

As you build your reputation as a criminal lawyer, you may find yourself gaining fame in your own right. Of course, becoming a famous criminal lawyer is no guarantee and shouldn’t be a reason to pursue such a career. However, if you step into this field and get involved in a high-profile court case, especially one that makes national or international headlines, be prepared to have your name and face over the news media.

4. Personal Injury

Unfortunately, there are several types of personal injuries that someone can be the victim of. Personal injury refers to any situation in which someone has been hurt due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. As a result of such negligence, the victim is eligible for compensation for various damages. Damages may include personal injury to their body as well as their property.

A personal injury attorney can help someone do a situation such as a dog bite, car accident, or slip and fall. Malpractice lawsuits can happen when the actions of doctors, nurses, or other medical practitioners result in a patient getting sicker or even dying. Examples of medical malpractice can include administering the wrong level of medication, removing the wrong organ during surgery, or a misdiagnosis of an illness that resulted in death.

As a personal injury attorney, you’ll file lawsuits on behalf of your client against the responsible party. That means you may have to deal with hospitals, doctors, employers, drivers, product manufacturers, and so on. Depending on how well the other party cooperates, you may be able to solve the case with a settlement through mediation as opposed to going to court. You’ll also work with insurance companies in order to get a quicker claim paid out to your client. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t known for being willing to pay claims, even when the person is eligible for it. However, your legal standing will help your clients get the compensation they deserve.

5. Workers Compensation

When it comes to types of law you can practice that help workers, you can get involved in the workers compensation field. Unfortunately, some jobs can be more dangerous than others. Jobs such as firemen, police, construction, and factory workers can all be very dangerous for various workers. However, even if a job isn’t known for implicit danger, it can still result in problems with workplace safety. That’s where workers comp lawyers come in.

Workers compensation law helps workers who have been injured or sickened on the job to obtain benefits from their employers or insurance companies. As an attorney in the field, you’ll help clients file claims, appeal denials, negotiate settlements, and litigate disputes. Expect to know the ins and outs of labor law, employment law, workers compensation law.

Some of the most common claims for workers compensation include slips and falls, broken bones, sprains, and lacerations. You’ll ensure employees get all the compensation they deserve, especially if they have to miss work or can no longer go back to the job. Like a personal injury attorney, you can expect to have frequent communication with insurance companies.

6. Immigration

Immigration has been a frequent topic in news media around the world, especially when it comes to illegal migration. Immigration refers to the legal process that people go through in order to enter, stay, or leave their country of choice. Green card attorneys in the United States can help clients seek asylum or work their way toward legal citizenship. You may help them apply for visas, work permits, family visas, healthcare, and more. You may have emergencies in which a client or their family members are dealing with deportation. Expect to have a thorough understanding of human rights law, international law, and immigration law.

7. Medical Records

Did you know there are types of law you can practice that involve medical records? When you work as a medical record consultant, you’re helping healthcare providers or patients with any concerns regarding their medical documentation or records. You may help them get access or restore privacy to their medical records. Lawyers help ensure that these records are accurate and in compliance with medical regulations. Medical records consultants need to have a good knowledge of medical records management, health information technology, health care law, and privacy law.

8. Hazardous Waste Disposal Law

Hazardous waste is a major concern when it comes to the environment and people’s safety. After all, air and water pollution are still major issues that affect everyone. Such pollution hasn’t only resulted from too much trash or car exhaust fumes. When companies dispose of hazardous waste in oceans, rivers, and neighborhoods, they’re often breaking the law. When you get involved with hazardous waste disposal law, you’ll help individuals and businesses that deal with such materials stay within environmental regulations. As a result, you’ll not only be doing your part to protect the environment, but you can also help your clients avoid liability. Your understanding of hazardous waste management and environmental law will help your clients handle inspections properly, respond quickly to violations, litigate claims, and obtain permits as needed.

9. Business Taxes

There are types of law you can practice that involve taxes. So if you’re interested in the life of a business tax accountant, you can help businesses meet their tax obligations and plan their strategies throughout the year. You play a major role in helping clients prepare and file their tax returns properly. You can legally advise them on all the necessary deductions and credits that they can utilize. Unfortunately, taxes are still an issue that many businesses may mess up.

Use your expertise in this field to ensure that thriving businesses don’t fall down a slippery slope by unintentionally making tax mistakes. Use your expertise to help them resolve any tax disputes that may arise. As you pursue this field, you’ll gain a thorough knowledge of tax laws, business structures, and financial reporting.

10. Family Law

There are types of law you can practice that involve various family relationships. As a family law professional, you’ll often deal with cases that involve marriage, divorce, and child custody. In some cases, you may also have intense issues such as domestic violence. Family law restrictions can vary from state to state. When you work as a family law attorney one of the most difficult aspects of the job may involve child custody cases. It’s no secret that these types of cases can often get nasty unless a couple has split on amicable terms and agreed to share custody.

As a family law attorney, you may also deal with child custody cases in terms of adoption. When parents decide to legally take responsibility for a child that is not biologically related to them, it falls under adoption territory. Adoption law can change based on country and state. Depending on the situation, adoption can take months or years to complete. Once a prospective parent finds a child they wish to adopt, they will file a petition for adoption with the court. At this time, you may represent such parents at court hearings to ensure any legal obligations have been met.

11. Estate Planning Law

Unfortunately, many Americans still have not planned out their estate. There are some Americans who still believe that one should be a millionaire to even worry about dealing with assets. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have any property, investments, or anything of value to leave to your heirs, it’s always best to ensure you have legal documentation that won’t be disputed. So if you’re interested in types of law you can practice that can help ensure families are provided for upon someone’s death, you should consider estate planning law.

As you can see, there are many types of law you can practice, depending on your interests and skills. Consider the pros and cons of different types of legal fields to have faith that you’re making the right decision for you and your career goals. Do your research before choosing your legal path. With so many types of legal fields to consider, it may be hard to narrow them down, but this guide provides a way for you to begin the process.

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