Buying or Selling A Home? Contact A Real Estate Law Firm!


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Are you in need of a California real estate law firm? Maybe you are planning to sell your home and have some questions, or perhaps you are moving to a new city and looking to buy your first home in the Golden State. Whatever your situation may be, you aren’t alone. Thousands of Americans communicate with real estate law firms in California on a daily basis with questions very similar to this. Here are a few quick things to keep in mind when working with a real estate law firm in or around the Los Angeles area:

1. California Law – As you know, real estate law dictates everything from tenant’s rights to the eviction and/or foreclosure process, and California law is no different. Working with a real estate law firm when selling or buying a home in California will ensure that all the specific legal requirements are met. For instance, California law requires real estate agents to disclose information about any death that occurred in or on the property within the last three years. Those types of things are not what your typical homeowner things to tell their potential buyers, but that’s where a real estate lawyer really comes in handy.

2. Closing Timelines – Buying and selling a home in California can also take quite a bit of time. From the time you spend looking for a home, putting in an offer, waiting on an offer, and closing, you could easily spend over a year on the process to buy your home. In fact, the average time it takes to close on a house in California is 40 days. That’s over a month waiting to close! Make sure you are budgeting for the time it will truly take.

3. Price Points – If you are looking at buying or selling a house then more than likely you have already considered price. Living in California is a popular option for Americans and the median sales price of houses shows it. As of January 2015, the middle-priced home in a ranked list was nearly $400,000. When you contact a real estate law firm or real estate agent you need to be prepared to discuss your price range, must haves, and what you are prepared to put down as far as a down payment.

Buying and selling a home should be an exciting process, not a stressful one. Hiring a real estate law firm to assist you is a good way to avoid stress. Happy home buyers normally have both a great real estate agent and a real estate attorney so that they know they are covering all their bases. Those two entities will help you navigate California law, closing timelines, and price points. With that help you could be on your way to a new home in no time at all!

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