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The Benefits of Hiring An Accident Lawyer

About 10,000 people in the United States may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year. This is more than enough data to show the importance of general lawyers and attorneys. However, the specifications that come with a lawyer really matter as well. Therefore, anyone involved in an accident needs to get help from an accident lawyer. Here is why:

The United States Department of Justice gathers data that deals with personal injury cases across the country. Their data managed to reveal three common causes behind personal injury cases. Almost 5% of all personal injury cases come from product liability, just about 15% come from medical malpractice and finally, over half of all cases come from car accidents at nearly 52%. As a result, the work of an accident lawyer is clearly important and valued.

An Accident Lawyer Can Get Settlements

The number one reason for hiring a talented accident lawyer comes from that settlement outside of court.

Being A Doctor Does Not Make Divorce Easier

The dissolution of a marriage is one of the most difficult things that a couple can go through. In the United States the divorce rate raises higher and higher every year, with a reported 73 percent of marriages ultimately failing. For physicians, divorce can be even more difficult as they are left struggling to balance a busy career with the trails and tribulations of a marriage ending. Many factors can either make or break the ease of ending a marriage. A divorce for physicians is a very stressful time especially.

Though this is a difficult matter to deal with for a person of any walk of life, there are some tips and recommendations that can make this difficult time a bit easier for a physician caught up in the midst of a divorce.

What is an uncontested divorce?
An uncontested divorce means that both separating parties agree on the terms set ahead of time. Both

Common Driver Safety Issues and How to Avoid Them

In the United States, the economic cost of car accidents is fantastic. In the year 2010, car accidents cost us $242 billion. Property damage alone from these car accidents was more than $76 billion and accounted for 31% of all economic costs that year. Not only are there property damage costs in a car accident, but there also enormous legal costs to pay for attorneys when there has been an ATV accident, a drunk driving accident, a truck accident, or some other type of motor vehicle incident. While some accidents are caused by weather or by faulty equipment, many accidents are a result of driver issues. When that happens, is often a good idea to contact attorneys and find out your options. Here’s what you need to know about the most serious driver safety issues on American roads.

The Biggest Offenders

  1. Speeding
  2. Alcohol or drugs
  3. No safety gear
  4. Driver fatigue

Investment Fraud and Other Cases Handled by Litigation Attorneys

There are thousands of securities brokerages located throughout the United States. As recently as 2015, for example, there were 26,823 in operation. While the number of firms and payroll amounts may have fluctuated since that time, it’s interesting to note that in 2015, the overall payroll for these securities brokerages was $63 billion.

A Brief Overview of Securities Fraud Cases

Stock fraud and investment fraud are both included under the umbrella of securities fraud. Basically, the underlying factor of these deceptive practices is when an investor is persuaded to either purchase or sell his or her investments based on false information. This is a definite violation of securities laws. Given the fraudulent nature of these cases, it is not unusual for victims to lose a large percentage or even all of their investments.

Pending Fraud Cases for 2009 and 2014

A significant portion of fraud cases may be ongoing and still pending. In 2009, for instance, the Fede

Why a DUI Conviction is a Serious Matter With Lasting Consequences

Drunk or distracted driving is responsible for thousands of traffic accidents each year. These can result in serious injuries and fatalities. This is why a charge of DUI is a serious matter. If you have to appear in court to face charges related to drunk driving, this could be a turning point in your life. A DUI conviction has serious consequences that can have a lasting impact. This is why if you are facing a criminal investigation, you should contact a criminal defense attorney. They can help you out together a criminal case defense that can help you move on with your life.

The hazards of drunk driving
Most states have very strict rules against driving while intoxicated, and with good reason. Drunk and distracted drivers are a major road hazard, putting their own and other peoples’ lives at risk every second they are on the road. The statistics tell the story: every two minutes, someone is injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver. In 2014 alone, 9