Common Driver Safety Issues and How to Avoid Them


In the United States, the economic cost of car accidents is fantastic. In the year 2010, car accidents cost us $242 billion. Property damage alone from these car accidents was more than $76 billion and accounted for 31% of all economic costs that year. Not only are there property damage costs in a car accident, but there also enormous legal costs to pay for attorneys when there has been an ATV accident, a drunk driving accident, a truck accident, or some other type of motor vehicle incident. While some accidents are caused by weather or by faulty equipment, many accidents are a result of driver issues. When that happens, is often a good idea to contact attorneys and find out your options. Here’s what you need to know about the most serious driver safety issues on American roads.

The Biggest Offenders

  1. Speeding
  2. Alcohol or drugs
  3. No safety gear
  4. Driver fatigue
  5. Distracted driving
  6. Dangerous intersections

Young Drivers

Not only are there general driving issues that are dangerous for everyone, but there are also specific problems for young drivers. Inexperience means that young drivers are less likely to anticipate what another vehicle might do and less skilled at reacting to it than an older driver. When this is combined with the inclination the young have to take more risks than older people, it can be a recipe for disaster. This is why it’s so crucial that young drivers get lots of experience behind the wheel before they are allowed to drive on their own, and why it’s important to make them understand how dangerous distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence really are.

Older Drivers

For older drivers, challenges can be different. Older drivers become less good at reacting quickly. This means that speeding and distracted driving can be even more destructive when they are behind the wheel. Sight also becomes an issue, and it’s important that older drivers understand when and where it is actually safe for them to drive. Some may need to avoid night driving or highways, for example.


Technology is changing the way we drive, and while technology can be a benefit to drivers and make cars safer, technology can also be a distraction. While it is preferable to have drivers using in-car messaging systems to communicate rather than holding a phone, it can still be distracting to operate the many systems that modern cars have installed. Even warning systems can be distracting rather than helpful under certain situations.

Safe Driving

Whether you are young or old and whether you drive a car full of the latest technologies or an older model with just the basics, there are some important things that every driver should do to avoid accidents and the need for hospitalization, car repairs, lawsuits, attorneys, and all the other things that can result from an auto accident.

  • Stay alert This may be the most important part of driving. It is absolutely essential that all drivers be alert and ready to act every moment they are behind the wheel. This means regularly checking mirrors, checking with the head before changing lanes or turning, being extra careful in parking lots, and keeping a safe distance from the cars ahead.
  • Drive sober There is never an excuse or reason to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always plan ahead for who will drive if you plan to go drinking. Make sure you’re always aware of how much alcohol your drinking and be aware of people topping up your glass or of mixed drinks that may be stronger than you expected.
  • Don’t speed One of the biggest reasons for crashes is speeding, especially speeding when the road conditions are unsafe. The speed limit is not the minimum speed that you must go. It’s the maximum speed at which it is safe to drive if the road and the weather are perfect.
  • Stay awake Never drive if you’re feeling ill, if you’re significantly tired, or if you’re dehydrated. If you feel tired on the road, stop and take a break.

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid an accident, but there’s a lot you can do to minimize your chances of ever having to look for attorneys or get your car repaired. Always drive safe, alert, and sober.

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