Lawyers: Popular Perceptions and the Reality

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers earned an average salary of $130,880 as of 2012? Lawyers do pretty well for themselves, and representations on televisions, and in popular culture, largely contribute to an overall negative opinion of those in the legal profession. What is the reality of the situation,

Are You in Trouble with the Law? Four Sources for Finding a Good Lawyer

Did you know that, according to the NAACP, the United States comprises only 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 25% of its prisoners? The fact is that huge numbers of Americans are arrested, brought to court, and incarcerated on a daily basis for a wide variety of crimes. According to the FBI, the

What Is the Bankruptcy Filing Process Like When You Have a Lawyer?

Approximately 1,221,091 Americans were overwhelmed by debt, and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. There are certain warning signs that indicate you could also be in danger of needing to file. If you use a credit card to pay for another credit card, if you are only able to afford the minimum payments, if you are

Thing to Consider When Looking for a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be a stressful and heart wrenching event in your life, regardless of the circumstances. And the effects can be felt long after the lawyers have been paid and all the correct paperwork has been filled out and signed. Doing what you can now to make the process as easy and efficient as

What Can You Do About Divorce Costs?

An average United States divorce, from start to finish, costs about $15,000. There are, of course, many variables that can make that figure fluctuate, some of which you can control and some of which are out of your hands. Here are a few of the big factors, how they affect the cost of your divorce,

When You Need a DUI Lawyer

When to call a DUI lawyer? If you’ve been driving under the influence and have been caught, it might seem like everything is pretty open and shut. No need to call for a car accident attorney, right? Maybe not. If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI and are

Estates, Estate Lawyers, and Everything In Between

In the year of 2012, the Economic Census conducted a study to determine the number of real estate brokerage firms across the nation of the United States. This census revealed that there were just about 86,000 real estate brokerage firms operating across the nation. These real estate companies are really

7 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Law Firm

No one really expects to get into a car or truck accident but many people do. In 2015, there were more than 32,160 crashes involving motor vehicles in the United States that resulted in at least one fatality. if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that was

Legal Situations Often Benefit from the Advice of Someone Experienced in a Specific Area

It has always been the least favorite part of your 12 hour drive to visit your older daughter in college. The winding highway through through Arkansas always seems more dangerous because of the sharp turns and switchbacks that are navigated by not only cars, trucks, and SUVs, but also by

Contact an Estate Lawyer for Legal Advice on Drawing up Your Will and Overall Estate Plan

There are a variety of situations where consulting with an attorney at law can be beneficial. In some instances, a prospective client may be interested in legal advice on a potential real estate purchase, while in others, they may need legal help due to discovering nursing home abuse or neglect.

Road Rage, Distracted Driving And Driver Fatigue The Insidious Contributors To Daily Car Crashes

Accidents in the trucking industry claim thousands of lives every year. Any responsible vehicle owner can talk about the dozens of different safety tactics they employ every time they step behind the wheel, but truckers have another responsibility entirely due to the nature of their cargo. The vast majority of