3 Common Reasons Custody Law Attorneys Often See For Custody Splits


Discover the three most common reasons parents lose custody in this video.
Breakups can be challenging, but they are substantially more so when children are involved. Arguments over child custody can arise when emotional and legal concerns collide, complicating the matter.
A custody law attorney can help you avoid losing custody by advising you on what to do and how to improve your actions. What are the most common blunders those battling for child custody make?

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Inability or unwillingness to work with the other parent: An expert custody law attorney or family lawyer can help you communicate effectively and give you guidance about when to concede and when it’s time for you to speak up for yourself.
2. Refusing to allow the other parent visitation rights: If the situation at hand is not an urgent emergency, you should never try to break a visitation schedule established by the court without first consulting an attorney.
3. Defying a court order- If you disobey a court order, the judge will see this as disdain for jurisdiction and contempt of court.

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