Are There Different Types of Attorneys? Find Out Which Lawyer You Need


Lawyers are people with extensive education and training in various fields of law. These professionals are in business to help people to execute certain tasks or receive compensation when another person or organization owes them such. That said, it can be challenging to know which type of lawyer to call when you need help. Here are some details about this common question: Are there different types of attorneys? They explain different scenarios and which type of legal provider you should seek when you find yourself in such situations.

If You Are Being Evicted

An eviction attorney is a legal professional you’ll need to seek if your landlord initiates an eviction process against you. That can happen for various reasons, but the most common reason people get evicted is failure to pay their rent.

Evictions can also occur due to breaking noise ordinances, subleasing, doing illegal activities, or something different. Your landlord might also try to evict you for refusing to pay your rent over an unfixed plumbing issue or health hazard. An eviction attorney can help prevent the eviction process so that you can get back on your feet or find another place to live before being sent out on the street.

You need to know that you don’t have to take a defeatist position, roll over, and allow your landlord to throw you out. You can hire one of these legal providers and have that person fight for you. He or she could use several defenses to help keep you out of jail. One defense is that your landlord failed to fix something crucial that left you and your family at risk of a health hazard.

An attorney can also request that the landlord prove that you violated the lease in other situations like noise ordinance, subletting, or other agreement breaches. Sometimes attorneys can negotiate and create a situation where you can remain at home while paying your landlord a certain amount of money to catch up. You can clearly see that the answer is yes to the question, ‘Are there different types of attorneys?’

If You Are Being Charged With a Serious Crime

A criminal law attorney is the type of professional you need if you get accused of something that could send you to jail if convicted. Examples of crimes you would need this type of attorney for are shoplifting, burglary, embezzlement, drug charges, assault, and myriad other charges. Most of the offenses under this umbrella have potential fines, jail sentences, and a loss of reputation.

Criminal lawyers can help you with various aspects of the case. For one, they can challenge the accusing party to prove that they followed the correct protocol when arresting you. They can also challenge that person to prove that you committed the crime in question.

The goal of a criminal lawyer is to provide you with representation that brings forth a not-guilty ruling. Sometimes, things don’t end up that way, even with the best attorney in the business. Fortunately, your criminal lawyer can still help you, even if you receive a conviction. The lawyer can help you by negotiating with the presiding judge for a more lenient sentence.

For example, a seasoned attorney can request that you receive probation, community service, or fines instead of spending time in jail. Are there different types of attorneys who can help with a case like this? Maybe, but a criminal attorney will be the most effective.

If You Were in a Car Accident

You will also need a lawyer if you find yourself victimized in a car accident one day. A car accident lawyer might be equipped to help you receive a settlement if you believe you received an injury because of the other driver’s neglect. Neglectful driving can occur when individuals operate a vehicle while intoxicated, texting, or otherwise distracted or incapacitated.

The type of attorney that handles car accidents is sometimes called a personal injury lawyer. The reason for this name is that he or she can help you get the funds you deserve so that you can recover gracefully and then get your life back on track.

A car accident attorney will examine the activity and events leading up to the incident and everything you lost due to the accident. He or she will then calculate a figure for what seems like a fair settlement. Next, your attorney will try to get the court to rule that the defendant pays you that amount of money.

Before taking it to court, your attorney will try to settle your unique case out of court so you can receive your funds faster. Many cases settle out of court, so there’s a good chance that yours will settle as well. If you need to go to court, you can feel confident that you have one of the most reliable providers in the business to back you.

Perhaps one of the most favorable aspects of hiring a personal injury attorney is that you can get a free consultation and contingency representation from some offices. That means you will risk nothing by stopping by an attorney’s office to see if he or she can assist you. Are there different types of attorneys for this type of case? Perhaps, but a car accident lawyer who does personal injury settlement claims is the best choice.

If You Were Charged With a DWI or DUI

You will need an amazing attorney to help you if someone accuses you of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI is a criminal offense that can cause you to have to do jail time and pay high fines.

Secondly, a conviction can affect various aspects of your life, such as your ability to get a job or home. Moreover, it can cause rifts in your familial relationships. Going to a court case for a DUI alone is not something you should even remotely consider doing. A drunk driving lawyer can defend you to the highest degree if you hire one to help.

Some conditions need to be met before a court can convict you of DUI. First, the prosecuting side must prove that you did, indeed, operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. They must also prove that your blood alcohol level was above the mandated limit. The attorney can request that the court dismiss your case if the prosecution cannot provide any proof of such things.

This type of lawyer can also help with sentencing. He or she can try to persuade the judge to give you a break on your sentence if there is no mandatory minimum punishment.

These attorneys may charge by the hour, or they might have a flat-rate system. You will find out how the pay scale works when you have your consultation. Are there different types of attorneys for this task? You could probably use a criminal law attorney. Still, one with experience in DUI matters will give you a greater chance of getting a fantastic deal.

If You Are Getting Divorced

You’ll need to hire a reputable divorce lawyer if you are thinking about getting a divorce. It might be tempting to consider filing on your own, but too many things can go wrong if you go that route. You’ll need to hire an attorney who can ensure that your paperwork gets completed and filed with no errors.

You’ll also want someone to represent you if the divorce turns into a battle for custody or assets. Giving yourself the best advantage when separating from a spouse is the most helpful strategy for you.

Just like other attorneys, divorce lawyers have different rates and pay scales. Thus, your prospective lawyer may offer you a flat rate or charge you by the hour. You may also have to pay a retainer fee to start receiving services from this professional.

Are there different types of attorneys who can help with this topic? Any attorney can help you complete legal forms. However, you will need to hire a divorce lawyer if you want someone who can help you win your children or assets.

If You Own a Business

You should think twice about running a business without having a business lawyer in your pocket. These individuals can help with a broad range of business topics. They can advise you on what you need to do to start a business, for one. Secondly, a business lawyer can assist you with writing contracts and settling disputes that arise from those contracts.

Furthermore, a business attorney can aid you with mergers, acquisitions, and overall risk management. Are there different types of attorneys more suitable to handle those tasks? No, business attorneys are perfect for handling the legal aspects of the business.

If You Have a Disability

Disabilities can hinder you from going to work and earning enough pay to take care of your bills. Some programs are available, such as short-term and long-term disability. You may also be eligible for Social Security Disability if your doctor suspects that you will suffer from your condition for longer than 12 months.

A disability attorney is a person who can help you get the decision overturned if the issuing entity denies your disability benefit for some reason. You will need to consult with one of these professionals and be prepared to use that person if you don’t receive your advantages when you apply for them. Are there different types of attorneys to call? You can call them, and they can help you.

If You are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a benefit available to all employees who get hurt on their job while performing the duties associated with that job. You may qualify to receive up to two-thirds of your pay while you recover from a work-related illness or injury. To gain approval, you will need to report your injury on time, visit a doctor for an evaluation, and comply with what the job and doctor say about your return-to-work date. Sometimes, the entity that governs workers’ compensation decides not to approve claims. If that happens, you will need someone in your corner who has the drive to help you get what you need. A workers compensation lawyer is just that.

If You Have Been Injured

We have already discussed car injuries and the type of lawyers that can handle them. However, other types of injuries also exist, and personal injury attorneys can assist with them. One example of such an injury is a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall occurrence. Another type of incident that personal injury lawyers can cover is dog bites.

Product liability cases are perfect for this type of attorney as well. Just like car accident lawyers, personal injury lawyers typically provide free consultations and contingency payment styles. With contingency payment, you will not have to offer any cash upfront for representation. Instead, the attorney will represent you based on the viability of your case, and you will pay him or her 25-40% of your settlement once you win the case.

If You Want to Build Generational Wealth

Are there different types of attorneys who help with generational wealth and growth? Yes. An estate planning lawyer is another type of attorney you will need to have in your collection. These lawyers assist with matters of the estate, such as planning your win and assigning its beneficiaries.

This type of attorney is also responsible for working with estate taxes, handling probate issues, and setting up trusts. You will be wise if you contact this type of provider and start setting your family up now for success and wealth after you pass away. That way, they won’t be worried after you’re gone.

The question, ‘Are there different types of attorneys?’ has now been answered successfully. The attorneys mentioned above are some of the most common types, but the above-mentioned list is not exhaustive.

The most effective way to decide which kind of lawyer you need is to ask yourself what you seek to accomplish by hiring an attorney. Once you know the answer to that question, you can narrow the choices down to a short list of offensive versus defensive experts.

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