Bail vs Bond – What are the Differences


If you’re facing an arrangement court date coming up soon, you may end up having to post bail or a bail bond in order to stay out of jail while your court date proceeds. Wondering what the difference between bail and a bail bond is?

The more tied you are to a community the lower your bail will be, generally speaking. If you own a home, have kids in the local school district, or otherwise are clearly tied to a community, a judge may lower your bail amount.

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This is because you’re less likely to skip town and are more likely to show up for court.

That said, you may still lack the funds to pay your bail. In this case, you can go to a bond agent, who will post a “bail bond” on your behalf. In order to get a bond agent to extend you a bond, however, you may need collateral, such as a house. If you skip town or otherwise violate your bail agreement, the bond company may have to pay for the bail amount you lost and the bond agent may come after your collateral in court.

If you have any questions, make sure you contact a defense attorney or bail bond agent.

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