Deciding On Conservatorship Or A Power Of Attorney


One fact of life is that everyone will grow old and may need assistance down the road. There are so many different ways a family can help one of their loved ones through these tough times. Two of these options are conservatorship and a power of attorney. In this video, you will see a head-to-head comparison of these two options and what might be best for you.

Both of these options basically assign someone to be in charge of another person’s personal decisions like medical insurance, life insurance, and other financial decisions. The differences come from how this person is chosen.

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For a power of attorney, the person will decide who will be in charge before their mental health deteriorates. This allows the person a choice on who will help them down the road.

For a conservatorship, the court will decide who should be in charge. This will happen after the person has lost their mental ability to make rational choices. This person will then be viewed as a type of guardian and look over this person’s financial decisions.

There are many other differences between these options that this video explains. Call different conservatorship attorneys today to learn what the best option for your family is.

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