Fighting a Wrongful Sexual Assault Charge


While false sexual assault allegations only make up 5% of all allegations, you may still find yourself accused of a sex crime during your life. In this video, you will learn some tips from a sex crime attorney on how to win your case.

The first step is to give your sex crime attorney every bit of information you can.

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It is their job to find “reasonable doubt”, a legal term, in the charge. They will be looking for any inconsistencies from your story to the prosecutor’s, or any other wiggle room where it might look like facts or details don’t line up.

By creating reasonable doubt, your sex crime attorney may be able to convince the judge that your accuser is not reliable, or may not be telling the truth. This is the most important factor in you winning your case. A judge needs to be left with no reason to doubt the accuser in order to find you guilty. If a judge has any reason to believe that the prosecution is not telling the full and complete truth, you could find yourself on the better end of the case.

Listen to your sex crime attorney at all times. Make sure you give them all of the information and follow their advice when it comes to getting ready for court.

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