Finding the Best Divorce Attorney


If you are considering divorce, you may find yourself wondering how to navigate the fog of divorce proceedings. There are many unknowns and many questions that accompany this journey. A couple of the many questions you may be pondering could include:

“Can a no fault divorce be contested?”
“Can both husband and wife file for divorce?”
“Can I contact my spouse’s attorney?”

It all starts with finding the right lawyer for you and your case. A qualified lawyer will walk with you from start to finish, answer any and all questions you might have, and will not let you be taken advantage of. If you are wondering, “can both parties file for divorce?” Your divorce lawyer can help you determine who needs to be the one to file. They will guide you step-by-step throughout the entire process.

Your divorce attorney can also help you decide how to pursue mediation if that is what is needed. Divorce mediators can help you and your spouse figure out how to navigate a path forward that works for both parties. Keep reading to find out how a divorce attorney can help you enter the next chapter of your life in the best way possible.

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Unfortunately, the U.S. sees an estimated 6,646 individual divorce filings per day. That works out to approximately 41 percent of all marriages, and 60 percent of second marriages, that end in divorce. If you find yourself filing or navigating the separation process, selecting good divorce lawyers can help you with any divorce questions and decisions that may be on the horizon. Most people find it a sad and disruptive time, but finding the best family law attorneys may help you reach the best possible outcome.

The steps to locate a good divorce law firm can be fairly simple if you focus on the initial research. If you do not get a personal referral from friends or colleagues, you can begin by looking at client and industry reviews for each firm using various third party review sites. Typically, these sites provide feedback from current and previous clients that you can use to assess potential attorneys. Armed with your research and reviews, you can create an initial short list of attorneys that might be able to best handle your situation.

You are seeking an attorney focused on the goal of helping you work through difficult situations and to provide some guidance on tough decisions. Undoubtedly, it means that there is a high level of trust involved, so you should begin to schedule initial consultations in order to evaluate those potential lawyers. You can use this preliminary meeting to discuss specifics of your case and to confirm that the attorney is a good fit. Additionally, this is a good time to confirm the divorce lawyer fees so that there are no surprises as you get further along.

Finally, you should strive to maintain very detailed records of any conversations and documentation that you receive along the way, especially to avoid any obstacles or delays in your case. Your attention to detail and the time spent on research into good divorce lawyers will pay off with an attorney that is the best fit for your situation. See this reference for more.

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