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Everybody has, at some time throughout their lives, been in a situation where they have needed some kind of defense. On a small scale, there are incidents and situations that occur that warrant a defense by a friend or family member. These occurrences are common, a part of life. However, on a larger scale, occasionally people experience the need for something more. An incident or situation of legal proportion may arise, bringing with it the need to utilize a good lawyer.

A lawyer is a person who will represent and advise an individual on legal situations. Lawyers can be educated and trained in any number of different areas of law. The need could arise for a car accident attorney, a lawyer for bodily injury as a result of a car accident, even a dog bite lawyer, an education attorney, or an employment lawyer. Fall accidents will sometimes require an attorney as well. Very often, when a fall is serious, and a brain injury results, a lawsuit will ensue and a lawyer specializing in head injury will be called. Statistics have shown that a fall is the number one cause of traumatic brain injury, the highest number in children from birth to four years and in seniors over 75. Loss of life coming from a traumatic brain injury resulting from car accidents is highest among those between ages 20 and 24.

When hiring a lawyer, most people will want to follow the recommendation of a friend or family member who has used the services of a lawyer in the past and has had a positive experience. However, if this is not a possibility, there are rules of thumb that are best followed. Although when an individual needs a lawyer, it is usually a time sensitive circumstance, there should be just a couple of quick steps that are followed. Most attorneys have professional websites and are easily found and even contacted online. A client can usually obtain the information they need at first sight. Many law firms offer a free consultation to begin with, which will enable the client and lawyer to meet face to face, to answer each other’s questions, and discuss the case. It is typically at this meeting where a determination will be made as to whether or not the client, his or her case, and the lawyer are a good fit for each other.

It is important to keep in mind that not all attorneys will be right for every case. Some attorneys specialize in one or several types of law, and would not be trained in others. Using medical professionals as a quick example, a patient would not go to an allergist for heart surgery. Well, the same holds true in legal matters. A client would need to search for an attorney who specializes in cases like theirs. In addition, there are attorneys who will agree to be paid a contingency fee. This means that the attorney’s fees will be paid out of a percentage of the amount his or her client is awarded if the case is won. He still may bill the client for other services like court filing and photocopying. It would be only the attorney fees that would be paid from the amount won. If the case is lost, the client would still be responsible for everything except the attorney’s fee. Clients are encouraged, though, to find out how much the lawyer’s hourly rate is before agreeing to a contingency fee.

Car accidents are a top reason why people may need to hire a lawyer. Many accidents occur because of people texting or operating some type of electronic device while they are driving. Statistics show that every minute of every day there are upwards of 600,000 people distracted by their cellphones while driving. Another top cause of car accidents involves people driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In 2013 9.9 million people were reported to have been operating some type of motor vehicle while impaired as a result of alcohol or drugs. For every one of these incidents, a lawyer is a necessary commodity!

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