How Settlements are Calculated in Personal Injury Cases


The world of legal settlements can be confusing at times. This is why an accident injury lawyer is so crucial. It can also be helpful to learn a little bit about how settlements work.

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In this video, you will learn how settlements are calculated in personal injury cases.

Pain and suffering can be difficult to define. Sometimes it is known as “general damage.” There are two parts to pain and suffering. This included actual physical pain or being unable to do physical things you could do before. However, it also includes emotional or psychological trauma. It is important to note that all these aspects of pain and suffering must be proven. Your accident injury lawyer helps with the calculation. However, there are no official charts for this. The jury is often encouraged to use “good sense” when determining how much compensation should be received. Sometimes a multiple of the actual cost such as fees or medical bills is used. This is then used to determine what the indefinite pain and suffering may be in the future.


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