How To Navigate Your Divorce


Attorney for child custody

Unfortunately, divorce is not uncommon, nor is the need to hire a divorce lawyer. For many divorces, hiring a divorce lawyer can help the process go as smoothly as possible, as a divorce lawyer can help the party that they represent to navigate the legal world. When choosing a divorce lawyer, it is important to choose an attorney that is practiced and skilled at what they do, one who will be able to look out for you and your best interests.

Though no one goes into a marriage thinking about the divorce that, for some, becomes inevitable, divorce is common. For even just a first marriage, the divorce rate is over 40%. That number climbs with each successive marriage following divorce, with a 60% divorce rate for second marriages and a divorce rate that is over 70% for third marriages. There are many reasons for a marriage to end, but certain trends have been identified to lead to divorce. For instance, if one partner in a marriage is a smoker but the other partner is not, that marriage is as much as three fourths as likely to end with a divorce. Partners that never have children are also more likely to seek a divorce by up to 5%, but navigating a divorce when you have children can also be stressful. In this situation, a divorce lawyer may suggest that a family lawyer or custody lawyer become involved to help determine essentials like custody of the children and, in some cases, child support payments. Mediation for child custody is often necessary, and a divorce lawyer can recommend someone who can help this process go as smoothly as possible. The most common reasons to file for divorce and hire a divorce lawyer are often related to cheating, betrayal of any sort, issues with communication, and abuse, as well as loss of interest. Interestingly enough, however, those in certain professions have also been found to be more likely to end their marriages, like optometrists and salespeople, as well as engineers and medical professionals.

In the United States, divorce is often a fact of life. Though more couples get married now than ever before, more couples eventually file for a divorce now more than ever as well. For seniors in the United States, divorce rates have doubled in recent years and are still rising. However, there are some ways to predict if a marriage will end in divorce. First, though living together before marriage is not an accurate prediction of how a marriage will end, couples who get married at an older age are more likely to stay together. So are couples who are marrying for the first time, as well as those who have children, particularly sons. However, if divorce becomes necessary, filing for divorce with the guide of a divorce lawyer can be incredibly helpful for navigating the legal world and moving on with your life as easily as possible.

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