If You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated, You Need Employment Attorneys


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When you enter into an employment contract with a company, you have to understand your rights as an employee and the guarantees you’re making to your employer as a worker. In the course of your job, many different things can happen. You may be promoted, but your employer may find that you’re not operating up to standards and let you go. You could be injured on the job and allowed back to work once you recover. As with anything else, being employed brings with it certain challenges and benefits.

While the benefits, from insurance to salary, speak for themselves, you really only hear about the challenges when you start to experience them. If you want to be prepared for one of the most damaging obstacles that can get in the way of a successful professional life, you need to learn about wrongful dismissal law and how to protect yourself with employment attorneys if the worst should happen.

What is the Definition of Wrongful Dismissal?
According to YourLegalGuide.com, wrongful dismissal, also commonly known as wrongful termination, is when your employer has no legal grounds for dismissing you but does so anyway. As any reputable wrongful dismissal lawyer can tell you, this is a clear violation of your rights as an employee as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor. Examples of wrongful dismissal include but aren’t limited to:

  • Being fired because your employee thinks you’re “too old.”
  • Being let go after you spurn a sexual advance from your boss.
  • Having your job terminated after being injured at work.

How Can Employment Attorneys Help?
Employment rights attorneys can help you negotiate an out of court settlement or, in the worst case scenario, help you prove your case in a court of law. Luckily, since the average employee lawsuit costs businesses $250,000, according to Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions, most companies prefer to settle things out of court with employment attorneys and their clients. Here are common examples of restitution you could win from a successful wrongful dismissal claim, according to Nolo.com:

  • Back and Front Pay- If your employer is found guilty of wrongful dismissal, they are often ordered to pay you back pay, for the time you’ve missed, and front pay, for the time you will miss until you’re reinstated.
  • Punitive Damages- Punitive damages may be leveled against your employer for their illegal actions and to dissuade them from wrongfully terminating anyone in the future.

Some Things You Need to Keep in Mind
If you think you have a case for wrongful determination and have decided to secure the services of employment attorneys, you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, as Nolo.com suggests, being fired due to your age or following a workplace injury is not necessarily illegal. If you can no longer do your job following your employer’s reasonable attempts to accommodate you, you may legally be let go. Further, even if you do have grounds to go to court, past successes of employment attorneys cannot guarantee future results.

If you’ve been fired illegally, then you need to contact reputable employment attorneys immediately. While they can’t guarantee a particular outcome, they are the best chance you have for getting lost wages, punitive damages, and more following your wrongful dismissal. More like this article: St. louis auto accident lawyer

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