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Personal injury cases comprise a large proportion of the civil litigation that takes place every year in the United States. Also known as torts, these cases involve one or more parties taking legal action for harm that has been inflicted by another person or group. However, anyone seeking damages will need the services of a personal injury lawyer.

The issues in these cases may range from traffic crashes caused by intoxicated drivers to home products that we have not properly designed or manufactured. Many personal injury cases are related to medical malpractice. The cases can be complicated, which is why proper legal representation is required.

Those considering legal action may wonder, “How do personal injury claims work?” The plaintiff who files the case will seek financial compensation for accident injuries. Damages in personal injury cases can also be sought for the emotional suffering inflicted on the victim. The defendants in these cases will employ their own lawyers who are dedicated to fighting personal injury claims. This is why it is important for the plaintiffs to have their own legal representatives.

If you are seeking a claim, get the help you need from a personal injury lawyer.

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