Re-Married? You Need a Lawyer


Estate planning guide

In a country where the divorce rate is one of the highest in the world, it is clear that attorneys are hard at work. Since the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is 8 years, finding a good lawyer is important. Depending on the firm the lawyer works for, he or she might wear several hats. If the lawyer runs his or her own company, it would be worth finding out if real estate planning is offered as well in the event that your assets require division. There are also estate planning law firms that can guide you in estate planning basics. Keep in mind that the cost of the these attorneys can be high if you need a lawyer who has several different qualifications.

Even if you have been through this process and are remarried, consider keeping your attorney because in the U.S. second and third marriage have a success rate of 40% and 27% respectively. Even though families with children are 40% more likely to remain together compared with families who do not have children, local attorneys will have the best way for you to plan in case of an unfortunate event. Real estate lawyers can draft many important contracts that pertain to the division of your home or any properties that you might be leasing.

Another area of expertise that you might look for if you are also in construction is a construction litigation attorney. In this case, finding a commercial real estate attorney would be a solid option. Construction litigation attorney fees might be high, but securing a low cost attorney is possible with a little research. You might be able to find a local lawyer who holds all of these credentials, which might keep the cost of estate planning and construction litigation down.

Finding a lawyer appears to be an important part of the process of owning a home, a business, or even taking care of your family. Continue.

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