The 9 Steps You Should Take After Getting Hurt at Work


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Every year, according to statistics from OSHA, some three million people get sick or hurt at work while doing their job. Of that group, more than half resulted in missed days of work. If you fall into that category, then you will likely need to go through the process of filing for workers compensation. Doing so can be a bit complicated, and you might need help from workers comp lawyers who have the skills and experience needed to provide valuable advice and help. But there is a nine-step process you can follow to make sure you receive the proper benefits from your employer.

  1. Report the Injury
  2. Right after you are hurt at work, no matter how serious the injury or whether it is the cause of acute trauma or years of overuse, reporting it properly is always important. It will be key to making sure you are able to get the proper treatment and compensation later on.

  3. Get a Company Accident Report
  4. Have your boss repair an accident report — and give you a copy for safekeeping — so that there is documentation that you told them about the injury and they understand exactly how it happened.

  5. Let Your Union Reps Know
  6. If you are part of a union, you’ll have to let them to know to make sure that your rights and the rights of other employees are protected. The union might even be able to provide or at least recommend good workers compensation attorneys.

  7. Visit the Doctor
  8. Of course, the best way to get better is to visit the doctor and make sure you have the medicines, plans, and equipment needed to get healthy. In some states, you might have to visit one who is approved by your employer. Either way, being sure to go into great detail is crucial.

  9. Follow Instructions
  10. Don’t get push your rehab too fast or take shortcuts when trying to get better, be sure to follow orders properly. This will not only get you back to 100% but also prevent employers from shorting you on benefits.

  11. List Restrictions
  12. When the doctor says you can’t do certain tasks at work, write it them down and show them to your employer to limit the chance that you injure yourself further.

  13. Send Bills to Your Employer
  14. The doctor might do that for you, but if you don’t, you might have to deliver them yourself to make sure that they are covered.

  15. Fill Out Paperwork
  16. After getting hurt at work, unfortunately, you’ll probably have to fill out a litany of paperwork. Though that might be a hassle, it is important for making sure you are compensated properly.

  17. Appeal
  18. If you get turned down for compensation, don’t be afraid to appeal the ruling. Hire a lawyer and make sure you have done everything possible to get the coverage you need.

Though it might require a bit of work, using these steps properly can help you get the compensation you need after suffering an injury on the job that causes you to miss hours and paychecks. Continue reading here.

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