The Importance Of Finding A Good Divorce Lawyer


Questions to ask an attorney about divorce

Going through a divorce can be a difficult, emotionally draining process. There are so many questions, like what is uncontested divorce? What do I need to do for a divorce? What steps should I take? If you’re wondering what is uncontested divorce among other questions to ask an attorney about divorce, contacting a divorce lawyer or a lawyer practiced in family law can help you to not only answer your questions but help you make the path to divorce as smooth as possible.

Divorce is certainly not uncommon. Every year in the United States alone, at least one million people have parents who end up divorced or at least separated. And the divorce rate for a first marriage is over 40% while the divorce rate for a second marriage is closer to 60%. For a third marriage, the number jumps to over 70%. There are many causes for divorce, some of them obvious, and some of them not so much. For instance, if a couple does not have any children, they are 5% for likely to someday seek a divorce. Smoking, shockingly, can raise the likelihood of divorce by an astounding 75% if one partner smokes but the other does not. Even working an extra twelve minutes a week gave women a 1% higher chance of ending their marriage in divorce or separation. However, perhaps surprisingly, living together before marriage did not make couples more or less likely to end their relationship in divorce.

Once divorce is on the table, it’s important to ask a divorce attorney all the questions you have, like what is uncontested divorce? It’s crucial to know where you and your soon to be ex partner stand with each other and often uncontested divorce, or a divorce that is agreed upon by both parties, can help to ease some of the difficult of the process. Uncontested divorce with children is particularly important, as it is key to keep children as removed from the divorce process and contention as possible. In fact, studies have shown that children of divorced parents are actually less likely to attend college and twice as likely than children of married parents to drop out of high school before receiving their diploma.

Divorce can be a difficult, drawn out process. The average divorce lasts around a year, but many last longer. It can be emotionally and physically as well as financially draining. However, having a knowledgeable and practice divorce lawyer can help make the process as smooth and stress free as it possible can be. Asking what is uncontested divorce may be the first step to your new life, and it doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

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