The Uncontested Divorce Lawyer and You


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In the time it takes you to read this entire sentence, a divorce will have taken place. There goes another one. There are two divorces every minute in the United States today. It’s a terrible fact, but there you are.

Perhaps you or someone you know is ready for a divorce. Whatever the reasons a couple gets to the point of divorce, the last thing anybody wants is for the divorce to become mean and nasty, especially if there are children involved. In today’s world, the reasons for at least one party to seek a divorce from the other are many and varied. In a survey published by the Journal of Family Issues, results show that roughly 19.6% of couples cited incompatibility as the reason for filing and 10.6% filed for divorce owing to alcohol or drug related issues.

If you have come to the point of divorce, the issues have obviously gotten you to the point where they appear to be irreconcilable. One or both of you have decided to choose a divorce lawyer, and that can be intimidating. Most people have never had to seek divorce help, and getting the right kind of advice is certainly something you intend to do.

Hopefully, your divorce is somewhat civil in terms of attitudes and actions toward one another. Depending on the cause, divorces can become more ugly than they have to. Of course, certain causes hurt more than others and acting out of hurt and pain can be understandable. The Journal of Family Issues survey a cited above also showed that the leading cause of divorce was infidelity. There were 21.6% of respondents who reported that their marriage was ended in this way.

If you need a divorce lawyer and would like the case to be resolved quickly and with as little pain and anger as possible, consider and uncontested divorce lawyer for your case. On average, it takes between zero to six months for and uncontested divorce to become final, from the filing and serving of the divorce papers to legal declaration of the end of the marriage. An uncontested divorce lawyer can guide you through the workings of the procedure, showing you what to do and what not to do.

The death of one’s spouse is regarded as one of the most devastating things to happen to anyone in this life. A close second is divorce. The pain and sadness that couples go through cannot be overstated, but sometimes things come to a place where divorce is the only option. If it’s possible, it might be best for all involved to exercise the option of an uncontested divorce, and an uncontested divorce lawyer just might be the one to smooth out the rough waters.

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