Three Reasons You Might Need a Construction Attorney


Construction lawyer

There is no doubt that construction projects are often high-stress jobs with many different people involved. They can be expensive and often many different parties have a great deal at stake financially. Everyone works as a part of a system in order to get a project done on time and within the budget that has been set.

The construction market in the United States was worth $1,162 billion dollars in 2016 and does not show any signs of shrinking anytime soon. With so much at stake, construction jobs–large construction jobs, in particular–are always running the risk of litigation. A construction attorney with a construction law firm can be a vital part of your stake in any project you are taking on.

With so many players involved in large construction projects, delays with one system affect all of the other systems, often costing a great deal of money. Most litigation comes from friction caused by these types of situations. When problems like these arise, a quality construction attorney is not only a good thing to have, they are a true necessity. Here are three reasons you might need a construction attorney.

1.) Delay disputes

When a construction project is delayed–whether the delay is excusable or inexcusable–a great deal of money stands to be lost. Delays often do not affect only one part of the system, they affect them all. Payment delays set back obligations by many parties and complications fall like dominoes set up at a child’s party.

Often, a construction attorney is needed to see the case through, where the courts might have to rule on who is at fault for the delays and what is to be done to remedy the situation.

2.) General disputes about damage

One very common reason a construction lawyer is needed has to do with disputes about the quality of work, the materials used, or damage to the property that is not covered under the contractor’s insurance policy. Typically, builder’s risk coverage is written for a minimum of one year and it will generally cover a new building or structure or any building that is undergoing alterations or remodeling.

3.) Breach of contract disputes

Commercial litigation is often put into practice when it comes to disputes about contracts. Many times, these disputes are settled out of court, which is why a quality construction attorney is someone you should have on your staff.

Knowing how to handle breach of contract cases can be essential. For example, in Texas, a breach of contract suit must be filed within four years, unless within two years is specified in the contract. Commerical lawyers know the law and are the experts. Having an expert on board is always the best way to go.

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