Top Injuries For Maritime Workers — Know Your Risk


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Working in the shipping or fishing spheres has many perks. You get to spend a lot of time at sea, getting close to a crew and enjoying ample compensation. Many maritime workers get many weeks off in-between jobs, and the built-in benefits of traveling for work appeal to a lot of people. However, there are (naturally) drawbacks to the work as well. The nature of such intense physical labor can be risky, and lead to injuries. If your employer does not strictly adhere to health and safety standards, these risks can be much more pronounced. Some cases might even require the assistance of personal injury attorneys, or more specifically, maritime accident attorneys or maritime injury attorneys. Check out this list of very common accidents and injuries for maritime workers so that you can make sure to get the compensation that you deserve:

Back Injuries
Back injuries are far and away the most common type of injury that maritime workers are likely to experience — unsurprisingly so, considering the amount of heavy lifting required both on and off-board. Indeed, these injuries can get progressively worse if they aren’t treated right away, and could cause loss of range of motion which could render someone unable to work.

Maritime workers are very likely to receive burns, for a number of different reasons. Longshoremen, in particular, are in danger of burns because of the high flammability of the fuel used in essential equipment in the industry.

Pleural Disease
This disease usually results from exposure to toxic chemicals, many of which are often used during work at sea. The condition is characterized as a non-cancerous inflammatory condition in which the tissue lining of the lungs hardens.

Loss of a Limb
Limb loss is upsettingly common for seamen and longshoremen alike. Heavy equipment, ropes, lines and cargo represent some of the threats that can lead to this type of injury.

If you feel that your injury was caused by lack of training or safety precautions on the part of your employers, don’t hesitate to contact a maritime accident lawyer or a maritime injury attorney to make sure you are duly compensated.

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