Top Tips for Mediation Success


Mediation provides parties with an excellent opportunity to resolve their dispute out of court. This video shows top tips from a mediation lawyer to help you negotiate effectively and get the best possible outcome for your situation.

Mediation is an alternative means of resolving disputes between two parties who may not resolve their differences through litigation. Although mediated negotiations can be as binding as those in court, they often provide a better opportunity to reach a compromise.

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In addition, mediation offers a cost-effective method of resolving disputes that don’t require court involvement.

The first mediation stage involves being realistic about the options available to settle the issue. That means exploring all the avenues before deciding what you feel is right for you. Also, a good briefing is necessary when going into mediation. It outlines the issues at hand, the facts involved, and how they affect you. The brief helps both parties determine whether they want to settle or go to trial. However, both parties must agree on the terms and conditions of the agreement. During the mediation process, the mediator does not decide the outcome but facilitates the discussion between the two parties, helping them work towards a resolution.

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