Why Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?


Being involved in a car accident can be a scary experience. This is true if you’re involved as a victim and also if you’re at fault for the accident. Fortunately, with the help of a defense attorney, you can navigate the murky waters of insurance claims and injury settlements following an accident.

If you’re wondering why get a lawyer after a car accident, below is a list of reasons to get help and contact a lawyer following a car accident.

1. Help you know what to say following an accident

Following an accident, you might be tempted to say ‘I’m sorry,’ readily admit to fault, or even begin saying some choice words to the other party involved. Instead of doing all this, contact a lawyer immediately to help you understand how to speak to officers on scene as well as to insurance companies that might have follow-up questions.

2. Help you know how to act after an accident

You never want to make a car accident worse than it already is, and turning an accident into a road rage incident can do just that. Take a deep breath following an accident, and call a lawyer who can help settle your nerves and give you the peace of mind that they will handle the accident appropriately. Contacting a lawyer will also let you know who exactly to call afterward, be it an auto body shop, authorities, insurance companies, and witnesses.

3. Can help you know what to document

Injury attorneys will help you know exactly what to document following a car accident to help you get the most out of your settlement. If you’re wondering why get a lawyer after a car accident, they have the most up-to-date and helpful knowledge on what you can document to help settle your case in court. This can include obtaining records of the other party’s insurance information, their driver’s license, medical documents, taking pictures, auto body repairs receipts, and much much more. Every car accident case is different, so an experienced lawyer will help you understand what documentation to obtain.

4. Can get you referred to a medical expert

Car accident doctors are worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping you get the most out of your settlement, documenting your injuries following an accident properly, and of course, treating your injuries with the utmost care. For those still wondering why get a lawyer after a car accident, a great defense attorney can get you referred to a medical expert that can not only help treat your injuries but provide documentation and testify on your behalf during a personal injury lawsuit.

5. Can help fight off insurance companies

Insurance companies don’t want to give you the best settlement upfront. Many insurance companies might even tell you you don’t need to hire a lawyer and say that their first offer is the best they can provide. Unfortunately, when it comes to settling claims, insurance companies will never give you as much as they would if you had an attorney present. An attorney will help fight for your proper compensation, and discourage insurance companies from conducting fraudulent business practices. This allows you to get paid big.

6. Can help defend you negotiate following a car accident

Not all lawsuits following a car accident will make it all the way to court. Many car accident lawsuits can actually get settled out of court. If you’re wondering why get a lawyer, a great auto accident attorney can help speed up your case and negotiate outside of the courtroom to still get you a great settlement offer. This way, you don’t have to stand in front of a judge and take more time off work following a car accident.

7. Understand state fault rules

Not all states allow you to sue the other party for personal injury or expect them to pay your costs for collision repair following an accident. These are what are known as no-fault states. An auto accident attorney can help you determine what state laws apply to you and whether your state is a no-fault state. This is especially helpful if your accident occurs while you are out of state. No-fault states also limit the number of lawsuits filed due to car accidents, so it’s a good idea to talk to an attorney and see what other options you have.

8. Can help gather evidence for you

Evidence can be what makes your breaks your personal injury case following a car accident. Proper evidence includes not just information from the accident, such as pictures of the damage, but also weather conditions, speeds, police reports, medical records, and more. If you’re still stuck debating why get a lawyer after a car accident, the answer is simple: they know what evidence will help your case. Lawyers can obtain camera footage, talk to witnesses, and also get experts to be on your side during a car accident injury case.

9. Advocate for you

If you’re at fault for an accident, you will need a defense attorney to advocate on your behalf. A lawyer can still help you recover partial losses even if you are to blame for an accident. They will advocate for you despite the accident being a result of negligence, distracted driving, or anything else. Not only will this help you recover the most from losses, but also give you peace of mind and someone to act as your negotiator.

10. Offer additional support

For those wondering why get a lawyer after a car accident, dealing with a car accident can be an extremely stressful experience. Fortunately, injury attorneys have many years of working with car accidents, insurance claims, and personal injury settlements. They understand your frustrations, and can better assist you during times of stress. Attorneys offer additional support by being good listeners, as well as fighting on your behalf whether you’re a victim or at fault of an accident.

11. Help you understand your expenses

It might be tempting to brush off your injuries and all the expenses you will have to incur following an accident. An experienced attorney can help calculate all expenses following a car accident, including the time you’ll have to take off work, repairs costs, costs for post-accident care such as medication, surgery, or therapeutic massage, and everything in between. Don’t think just because you had a simple accident it won’t be costly. Expenses eventually add up, and a lawyer can help you determine how much expenses you really have.

12. Help file all paperwork

From filing a lawsuit, to filing a summons and complaint, there’s a lot of paperwork that goes into filing a lawsuit, and laws vary state by state and even county by county. Just like jewelry stores have trained staff to recognize gems, a trained lawyer is trained at knowing how exactly to file all paperwork associated with a lawsuit! Hire a lawyer instead of having to file the paperwork yourself, which can be a hassle and stressful.

13. Help you avoid jail-time

For people that have been found at fault in a car accident, there’s no need to wonder why get a lawyer after a car accident. A lawyer will advocate for you in court despite an accident being a direct result of your driving. This is especially true if you’re at fault due to driving under the influence, also known as DUI. If you’re facing a DUI charge, a lawyer can help you reduce and even avoid jail time through various methods, including using your past criminal history, new evidence, witness statements, and more to help show you in a positive light.

14. Can help you with other injuries and damages

If you’re a pedestrian, bicyclist, or someone whose property was damaged due to a car accident, insurance claims might not be the best option to get the biggest payout you deserve. Instead, get the help of a dedicated personal injury attorney that can help you determine the best course of action for a settlement. Lawyers can help you know what pedestrian right-of-way laws are in your state, if you are entitled to any monetary compensation, and if you’re able to sue for that monetary compensation. In addition, if your property was damaged, a defense attorney can also help you determine replacement value, the cost of doing repairs on your property, the loss of use such as in a damaged business, and even sentimental value. In short, a defense attorney can help you even if a car accident didn’t damage your vehicle specifically.

15. Help handle the case in a timely manner

Did you know lawsuits must be filed following a specific time frame? To help get the stress off you and help file lawsuits in a timely manner, injury attorneys know exactly how and when to file lawsuits to avoid forfeiting your right to sue another driver. If you’re not sure how to file a lawsuit, how to complete paperwork, or even have trouble reading and writing in your home country’s language, a lawyer can help provide all these services to get your or a loved one the settlement they deserve in a timely manner. Furthermore, lawsuits can sometimes drag on for years, especially if insurance companies are refusing to cooperate. A lawyer can help prevent insurance companies from failing to comply as well, getting you paid faster.

16. Prevent you from signing anything

When talking to insurance companies, many will want you to sign off on things such as a medical release waiver and possibly a signed personal statement about the car accident. It’s never a good idea to sign off on these forms, as giving insurance companies your medical release forms could allow them to see the medical history they don’t need to. Signing off on a personal statement also allows insurance companies to find flaws in your statement and use this against you. Unfortunately, it’s a common tactic for insurance companies to make you sign off on papers. If you’re wondering why get a lawyer after a car accident, a lawyer can help you resist signing off on these forms. They can also allow you to revoke any medical release authorization you might have signed off on previously. Don’t sign off on anything before talking to your injury attorneys.

17. Turn attention to other at-fault parties

Just because you hit another car doesn’t make you automatically at fault. Anything could have caused you to lose control of your vehicle and strike a pedestrian, property, or even another vehicle. Factors such as not having the best wheels on your vehicles, road and weather conditions, construction zones, and even a separate accident could all have caused you to be at fault for an accident. If this is the case, your lawyer can help present this evidence to find a third party at fault and prevent you from paying the full cost of damages.

18. Help shed light on your pain and suffering

It can be difficult to put into words the pain and suffering you have experienced following a car accident. With the help of an auto accident attorney, you can present a strong case using powerful words that an experienced lawyer can help you articulate, whether in front of a judge or jury panel.

19. Help f you’re uninsured

If you’re uninsured, you might be liable to more legal consequences such as fines and even jail time. A lawyer can help you plan the best course of action if you’re uninsured and involved in an accident. This can include helping negotiate a cash settlement for the other party or finding a third-party at fault that can reduce the costs you owe.

Get Help From a Lawyer Today

Don’t dismiss the power of a good attorney! If you’ve spent time wondering why get a lawyer after a car accident, the above list can help you see the benefits of hiring a lawyer. If you don’t have money, many accident attorneys only get paid if you do! Get the best settlement possible and reach out to an attorney today.

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