Why You Need a Local Truck Accident Lawyer to Protect You


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There are roughly six million car accidents in the United States each year resulting in approximately three million people being injured. The three main causes of car accidents are distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and drivers speeding.

Distracted driving took the lives of 3,477 people in the year 2015 alone, and is one of the fastest growing causes of accidents. During daylight hours, it is estimated that upwards of 660,000 people are using their cell phones while driving. Cell phones are the leading problem when it comes to distracted driving. On average 28 people die every day in the United States in an accident involving a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs. Well over half of all accidents are also attributed to aggressive driving.

Most accidents result in a civil lawsuit as those impacted or injured by the crash seek damages from the party that caused the crash. While there are many cases filed, most do not go to trial as they are settled out of court. Insurance companies will heavily encourage accident victims not to get a lawyer involve because they know it will cost them more money in the long-run.

Accident attorneys can protect those involved in the accident by ensuring all their financial needs resulting from the accident are taken care of. Annually, civil lawsuits cost the United States economy approximately $239 billion.

Accidents involving trucks are particularly tragic due to the size and nature of the accident. When a semi truck is involved in an accident with a small car, the chances of a serious injury or fatality is significantly higher than when two cars get into an accident. For that reason, there are more legal factors to consider and an accident lawyer is especially needed.

Thousands of people die every year in accidents that involve a semi-truck. Almost all big rig collisions include at least one fatality. On average a semi-truck ways roughly 80,000 pounds compared to the average car, which weighs 5,000 pounds.
One study showed that approximately eighteen percent of accidents involving an 18 wheeler were the result of driver fatigue.

A local truck accident lawyer understands the laws concerning these types of accidents. they have experience dealing with the trucking companies, and they know how to approach the case in a way that will be most beneficial to their client. They will be able to look at the police report and the witness statements and piece together what happened and who is responsible.

A local truck accident lawyer will be able to give you honest feedback on what you can anticipate from filing a civil suit in your area. This may include how long the case will probably take, whether or not it will go to court, and how much you can anticipate settling for, if that is an option.

A semi truck accident attorney will have the specific experience you need. Every area of law and every type of case is different, which is why you want to find a lawyer that is experienced in the very type of case you are involved in. Depending on the severity of the accident, this may involve someone with experience in wrongful death cases.

A civil case may be dependent on the outcome of a criminal case depending on the factors that led up to the accident. In that case, the civil case may need to wait. However, it is important not to wait to get an attorney. The local truck accident lawyer will know what records are needed. They will prep you on how to respond if another lawyer or insurance company contacts you, and they will stay with you through the entire process.

While there are many national law firms that may advertise in your area, a local truck accident lawyer is the best option because they will know how the courts work in your specific area. They may already have experience with the judges, insurance companies, and lawyers the case will involve, and they will be there to walk you through the process.

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