3 Main Importance of Consulting a Traffic Ticket Lawyer


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Apart from just accumulating points on your driving license, getting a ticket can adversely affect your insurance premium and it can also cause your driving license to be revoked or suspended. Furthermore, if you are caught up in a criminal traffic offense and you fail to address a ticket within 30 days, you’ll be facing an automatic license suspension. Everything can crumble down on you from just an ordinary traffic ticket. Therefore it’s important that you take care and mind every traffic rule that is there. Failure to notice road signs, reckless driving, running a red light and driving under the influence of substance can get you into the wrong hands of the law. As much as possible, you should try to avoid a traffic ticket, but once you’ve received one it is important to find ways of keeping your traffic record clean.

Challenging a ticket in a traffic court isn’t an easy job, but with the expertise offered by traffic lawyers, you can avoid complications often caused by traffic violations. These lawyers specialize in traffic law and are well-versed with the traffic rules and regulations, hence they can defend even the most specific traffic court case you may be facing.

Below are some of the functions of an attorney in a traffic case.

Reducing Ticket Penalties
An attorney is able to negotiate with the court to reduce, dismiss your penalties or halt accumulation of points on your driving license. While removal or reduction of fines only affects the amount you’ll have to pay, elimination of points is perhaps the most important deal a traffic lawyer can strike for you. This is because the accumulation of driver’s license points will not only increase your car insurance premiums, but it can also cause your license to be suspended. Although the lawyer is able to get your fines reduced and points eliminated, you should note that your traffic violation will still go on record and will remain on your driving history.

Alternative Discpline
If there is one thing traffic lawyers are good at, that would be negotiation. Depending on your state’s law, undergoing traffic classes as an alternative to standard ticket fines can help reduce driver’s license points or eliminate it altogether. Therefore, when your attorney negotiates traffic school in place of fewer penalties, this is an option you should embrace without hesitating.

Dismisal of the ticket
Most traffic attorneys are conversant with the traffic laws thus they are able to negotiate its removal if any of these factors are present.

  • Failure of the issuing officer to appear in court
  • Defensive driving
  • The radar gun used by the officer was faulty
  • Incorrect information

    However, even after your ticket dismissal, the court would still expect you to honor some or all the fines. So, now that you understand the importance of having a traffic lawyer by your side, what are the factors you should consider when looking to hire one?

  • Experience
  • Location
  • Success
  • Participation
  • These four elements will help you assess traffic lawyers before you can make an informed decision on who should represent you.

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