Car Accident Deaths Three Major Causes


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Accidents. They are a problem in every day life. A person might forget their keys, or a person might slip and fall. Accidents are a hazard in every day life and everyone will likely befall one at some point or another. But there are accidents that are more difficult to deal with that others. One of those accidents is a car accident.

Car accidents occur when one or more cars has an incident that causes damage. This may be a one car collision, such as when someone drives off the road. They may be two car collisions, such as a fender bender. They may be multiple car collisions, which often occur on the highway due to the high speeds.

Car accidents can result in injuries to people. These injuries can be minor, such as a sprained ankle or they can be major such as a life-threatening injury or even death. There are many different kinds of car accidents and they all pose some sort of danger. When it comes to fatal car accidents, there are three major causes.

The three major causes of car accidents are drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving. There are statistics about each. Drunk driving causes the most deaths, with over 30,000 per year in the United States. Distracted driving is generally less, causing around 10,000 or fewer each year. Aggressive driving even fewer.

All told, there are likely 100,000 car fatalities or less in the United States, which is a remarkably low number for the amount of people who are in the United States. Still, these issues are serious and taken one by one, paint a picture of car accident fatalities in the United States. There is always negligence, but in these cases there is gross negligence.

The first major reason for car crash fatalities is drunk driving. Drunk driving occurs when a person drinks alcohol and gets behind the vehicle. They drive, likely messed up from the alcohol, and struggle to adhere to basic road rules. They are then subject to a crash, either hitting someone else or having a one car collision.

The alcohol limit in many states is .08 blood alcohol content, which is slightly less than one beer. A person might drink over that, well over that, and still be able to function behind the wheel. But it is dangerous. A person might hurt someone or hurt themselves on the road. These are large pieces of machinery and can damage an individual or car.

Alcohol affects someone in numerous ways. It makes them sluggish, for instance, unable to respond to external stimuli very well. It makes them blurry, have blurred vision, and makes them slow to react to basic things, like a pedestrian crossing the road. It is dangerous to drink. And drive.

There are some statistics about drunk driving that are worth noting. They are:

  • An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before the first arrest.
  • Each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, but fewer than 4,000 are arrested.
  • And alcohol-related deaths each year go over 30,000 according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

These are major issues in society today. There is another issue related to driving that causes fatalities: It is distracted driving. According to one statistic, distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives in 2015 alone. Distracted driving is broken up into three categories according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There is visually distracted driving, manually distracted driving, and generally distracted driving.

Visually distracted driving is when someone takes their eyes off the road. Manually distracted driving is when someone takes their hands off the wheel. And generally distracted driving is when someone’s general attention is taken away from the road, which occurs or can occur for many reasons.

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