Common Mistakes Made When Trying to Find the Right Attorney


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Sometimes trouble can even come to those of us that are not even looking for it. If you have found yourself in legal trouble for the first time it can seem like the end of the world. Especially if you are innocent, there can be feelings of shame, embarrassment and anger that can occur when you find yourself against the law. The reality is that most American?s will have to deal with the legal system in some capacity, whether it is something as minor as a traffic ticket or a small marijuana charges or if it is a more serious legal matter that might require the expertise of a sex crimes defense attorney, assault attorney or even a drunk driving defense attorney. When the stakes are high it is more important than ever to find the right legal representation. Below are some tips to find a lawyer that can prove your innocence.

There is No One Stop Shop For Finding Lawyers.

Because of television and films many people are under the all too common misconception that all lawyers are adept at all types of law. This unfortunately is not the case. Just like you wouldn?t not take your toaster to be repaired by a watch repair shop, you wouldn?t go to a sex crimes defense attorney to deal with a drunk driving charge. It is important to seek out an attorney that shows expertise in the particular area of your concern. If you are fighting a drunk driving charge, seek out a dui defense attorney. If you are defending you self against a sex crime, find a sex crimes defense attorney.

Make a List of the Qualities that are Important to You In an Attorney

One of the most important parts of the search for a new attorney, is finding an attorney you can trust. While most people would like to assume that their legal counsel has their best interest at hear, the unfortunate truth is that is not always the case. Many lawyers may be motivated solely by money, which mean that they will be motivated to hurry your case along. This is why when before you begin your search for the right legal representation you make a list of the qualities that you would want your ideal legal representative to possess. It can be things such as being from a particular area or being or a similar faith. The important aspect is that the both of you have a common ground. When you and your lawyer can connect on a deeper level than money, they will be more willing to do their best to fight for you, not just for pay, but out of mutual respect.

Ask Family and Friends For Lawyer Suggestions

In this digital age it is easy to forget some of the more traditional sources of getting information. When beginning your search for a lawyer, you should start close to home. Your family and friends may be a good resource for finding a lawyer that is sympathetic to your case and already comes with a recommendation. Because of a family referral, you might also get a better rate as well. It is important to remember that any personal referral should just be another step in your search process, not a definitive decision. Just because a lawyer worked well for a family or friend does not necessarily mean that they will be right for your case. This is why it is important to cast a wide net and interview several possible applicants. Think of it like a bracket system. Each subsequent round of interviews should decrease the candidate pool until you are left with fewer choices.

Representing Your Own Case

While going through the process of finding a lawyer that meets all your needs it is easy to be tempted to try and represent your own case. Your thought process may be that you know your case better than a lawyer, but the truth is having legal counsel actually lends credibility to your especially if you are fighting against serious charges such as assault or sex crimes, you really should hire a sex crimes defense attorney to help you, it could mean the difference between freedom and jail.

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