Consider Free Criminal Consultations for These Legal Issues


If you require legal services, a free criminal consultation can help you know your options before hiring an attorney. For example, with a free consultation, you can discover your next steps, what to expect from the legal process, costs, timeline, and potential compensation. In addition, it can be a great way to assess and choose a lawyer who can best represent your interests. Below are some of the top legal situations where you might need a free consultation and how getting one can help you.

You’re in a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is one of the top scenarios where you should consider a free criminal consultation. After the accident, you may face several legal processes, which can have far-reaching outcomes, especially if the courts hold you criminally liable. Therefore, a free legal consultation can be very useful in helping you successfully navigate the aftermath of your car accident.

You may want to consult an accident attorney after a car crash for several reasons. First, you’ll need good legal advice if you’ve committed a crime, for example, a hit and run or a traffic violation leading to the accident. Consulting with an attorney is also necessary if you’re at fault in an accident, especially one that has resulted in severe injuries, death, and property damage.

You can also consult with an accident lawyer even in an accident where you’re not at fault. For example, your attorney can help you determine whether you can sue the other driver or other parties for injuries or losses sustained during the accident. On top of that, a lawyer can be very useful when negotiating a settlement with an insurance company after an accident.

Your Home Gets Foreclosed

A foreclosure is one of the most stressful legal issues you can deal with. On top of the reality of losing your home, you can also find yourself embroiled in a complex legal battle of which you understand very little. Therefore, a free consultation with a lawyer can be a brilliant idea.

A consultation with a lawyer can help you determine if you’ve got a strong enough defense to fight your property’s foreclosure. On top of that, a foreclosure attorney can offer advice about expected costs, timeline, and potential outcomes if you end up fighting. As a result, you can make an informed decision on whether to fight your bank (or mortgage company) or count your losses.

When facing foreclosure, several other reasons can make it crucial to consult a lawyer. For example, according to a 2023 New York Times report, a real estate investor was charged for illegally stealing properties of people facing foreclosure. Therefore, if you’re a homeowner in a similar situation, a free criminal consultation can help you determine if you’ve got a case against your bank or other parties for illegal foreclosure practices.

You Need a Will

According to a survey by Gallup, around 54% of U.S. adults don’t have a will, which means their families don’t have guidance on how to handle their estates in the event of death. Creating a will is thus a vital step that can make things easier for your loved ones. However, it can also be a complex process, so you can benefit greatly by consulting a lawyer when writing your will.

A will is especially vital if you’re an older adult, as it can help communicate your wishes about medical care, funeral arrangements, and inheritance when you’re unable to. You can find many attorneys who specialize in elder law service to help you create your last will. And many of these lawyers offer free consultations, which can provide valuable legal advice and insights even before you become a paying client.

On top of creating a will, a free consultation with a lawyer can also help you in other areas of estate planning. For example, you can speak to an attorney if you’re considering amending your will. You can also get a free criminal consultation if you suspect fraud during your will creation or in managing your existing trust.

You Want Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most messy and confusing legal issues. That’s because it involves a lot of paperwork and complex legal procedures. Unfortunately, you might even have to deal with dirty tricks from the opposing party. Therefore, it’s very important to consult with a lawyer if you’re planning on filing a child custody case.

One of the top benefits of consulting child custody lawyers is that they can evaluate your case to give you an insight into its strengths. On top of that, they can explain the entire process, for example, the laws that apply to your case, court case timeline, legal procedures to expect, and potential outcomes. Lastly, a consultation with a lawyer can give you various child custody options you can pursue, for example, negotiating with the opposing party.

When filing for child custody, some special circumstances can make seeking a free criminal consultation necessary. For example, you can consult a lawyer on what to do if your ex-spouse or partner is abusive or is threatening you during the process. You should also consult an attorney if you suspect issues like child abuse or neglect.

You’re Disabled

If you’re disabled, you might be entitled to various benefits from federal or state government agencies. However, filing for these benefits can be a complex and long legal process, and it can quickly become overwhelming due to the bureaucracy involved. Therefore, you should consider consulting with a disability lawyer, who can give you valuable insight into your case, which can help ease the process and increase your chances of getting the benefits you deserve.

Consulting with local disability lawyers is also necessary if you’re experiencing problems claiming your benefits. In this case, the attorney you speak to will evaluate your case to find reasons for your benefits denial. They can also offer advice on improving your chances of acceptance when refiling your claim, for example, by attaching supporting medical documents.

Lastly, you should consider a free criminal consultation with a disability lawyer if your rights or benefits have been unjustly denied. For example, you can consult an attorney on what to do if you have been discriminated against because of your disability, for example, when applying for a job or housing. Other instances where speaking to a lawyer is important include abuse, neglect, and medical insurance denial.

You Have Medicaid Issues

Applying for Medicaid might seem straightforward, but it’s anything but. For example, many first-time applications are denied due to missing documentation & information, income issues, etc. The complex legal procedures and bureaucracy of the involved government bodies can further make filing for Medicaid benefits an overwhelming experience.

Therefore, consulting a Medicaid planner when applying for the program is a good idea. During the consultation, the lawyer will explain to you what the program involves, whether or not you’re eligible, and what benefits are covered or not covered. On top of that, speaking to a Medicaid attorney can give you an insight into the documents you need and other tips that guarantee your application won’t be rejected.

Apart from the application process, you should consult a lawyer if you have other Medicaid insurance issues. For example, according to a report by KFF, Medicaid organizations rejected 12.5% of prior authorization requests by individuals covered by the program. Therefore, if you’re in such a situation, you should speak to a lawyer or even get a free criminal consultation, especially if you suspect unfair denial or fraud.

You’re Facing Charges

Being arrested or charged with a crime is another top situation where you should consider a free criminal consultation. After all, such situations can have far-reaching consequences like a prison sentence, hefty fines, or a criminal record. Therefore, speaking to a lawyer is one of the best ways to protect your rights and freedom.

Consulting with criminal defense lawyers can offer valuable insights and legal advice. For example, an attorney can help you understand what you can expect from the process in terms of timelines and outcomes. In addition, they can evaluate your case to see how strong it is and offer you various legal options you can pursue, for example, fighting the charges in court or taking a plea deal.

A free consultation is also a great way to feel out a criminal defense attorney before you hire them to represent you. For example, during the consultation, you can get an insight into things like their experience with your specific case, the defense strategies they can offer, their fees, etc. You can also ask them several other questions to help you determine if they’re a right fit for you and your case.

You Got a DUI

A DUI can leave you with the lasting stain of a permanent criminal record. This can affect you in many ways, for example, being fired, losing out on future jobs, losing your driver’s license, increased insurance rates, travel restrictions, visa denial, etc. As a result, a DUI is one of the top scenarios where you should consider a free criminal consultation.

Speaking to a DUI lawyer can help you know your options if you’ve been arrested or are being charged with driving under the influence. You can also consult with a lawyer on how to get your life back after a DUI conviction. For example, your attorney can offer you options like a DUI expungement or driver’s license reinstatement, which can reduce the impact of a DUI record on your life.

Lastly, you should seriously consider consulting a DUI attorney if you feel your arrest and subsequent conviction are unfair. For example, according to a 2022 CBS news report, a Colorado resident was arrested and jailed for DUI despite a blood test showing no alcohol or drugs in his body. Therefore, in such a situation, consulting an attorney can offer you valuable advice on how to get your wrongful conviction thrown out.

You Were Injured

Injuries, especially severe ones, can have life-changing consequences on your life. On top of the pain and suffering, they can also result in piling medical bills, lost wages, disability, etc. Therefore, being injured is another top situation where you should consider a free consultation with injury lawyers.

During your consultation, a lawyer can offer you various legal options you can pursue, for example, filing an insurance claim or even suing the party responsible for your injuries. In the case of a civil suit, they can also review your case to see how strong it is or to identify potential weaknesses you might need to address before going forward. In addition, they can explain things like the court case filing process, the statute of limitations for your case, timelines, potential outcomes, etc.

Lastly, free consultation can help you evaluate an injury lawyer before you hire them to represent you. For example, the consultation can give you an insight into your lawyer’s experience, knowledge of personal injury laws, insurance claims procedures, etc. In addition, you can discuss other things, such as their fees and the possibility of reaching a negotiated settlement. Furthermore, during the consultation, the attorney will review the case and decide whether it has enough merit for them to represent you.

Your Insurance Was Denied

Being denied an insurance claim can be devastating, especially after an unfortunate incident like a car accident, a damaged home, or if you’re sick. Fortunately, you can seek legal redress if you believe your claim was denied unfairly. But before you begin any legal process, you should seek a free consultation with a lawyer specializing in insurance claim denial.

During a free consultation, a lawyer can review your case to find out why your claim was denied in the first place. They can also offer advice on how to appeal and tips to ensure your claim is accepted the second time. Lastly, an attorney can also offer you legal options to consider, for example, negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf for a fair settlement.

You can also seek a free criminal consultation if you intend to sue an insurance company for rejecting your claim. For example, speaking to a lawyer can help you understand your options, like filing a case against your insurance company for violating the terms of your insurance policy. In addition, they can advise you on steps you can take to report or get compensation from your insurance provider in the event of fraud or illegal practices.

A free criminal consultation can be a vital legal resource that can offer more insight into your situation, especially when dealing with serious legal issues like the ones above. And the best part is that you can still get quality legal guidance even if you don’t have money to pay for a lawyer. However, should you decide to hire one, a free consultation can also be an excellent way to interview a prospective lawyer and decide whether they are suitable to represent your interests in the issue you’re dealing with.

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