What You Need for Your Outdoor Pro-Bono Fair


You can expect a large turnout depending on where you host your pro bono fair. These fairs are popular for a reason. For the most part, a bro bono fair is held outdoors, as there’s usually a need for spacing for booths and attendees to roam from one booth to the next. However, one important feature is sometimes missing from an outdoor pro bono fair, and this video offers a clue as to what that is.

Keep An Eye On the Details

If you want to know what your outdoor pro bono fair needs, you have to put yourself in the shoes of an attendee and do an imaginative walk-through at your event. Please start at the beginning and imagine as they go from one booth to the next.

Video Source

This should give you a good reference point as to what you need to include to meet the needs of your attendees. One primary factor that should be included is proper restroom facilities.

Your attendees will most likely listen to a guest speaker, wander through the booths, and sometimes enjoy a bite to eat. Two features that need to be present are adequate seating and restroom facilities. A porta potty rental in Tacoma, WA can arrange for portable toilets and strategically place them around your venue. If these features are included, your attendees will have a pleasant experience.


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