Introduction to Personal Injury Attorneys


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Personal injury is simply an injury to your person. If you are injured and it isn’t your fault, personal injury attorneys help you get a settlement to pay for things like medical bills, time off work, and general pain and suffering.

There are intentional and unintentional torts. Unintentional torts are cases such as automobile accidents. Neither party intended on crashing into one another, but one party may be at fault and need to settle with the other for the injuries sustained.

An example of an intentional tort is a case where someone purposely drives their car into the back of yours, or physically assaults you.

If you have medical bills and other expenses, and the injuries aren’t your fault, a personal injury attorney may help. They are civil lawyers, not criminal lawyers. They deal with money and settlements, instead of criminal charges.

Lawyers will investigate what happened in a case and make sure there is enough evidence to prove a person was intentionally or unintentionally injured. They will then assess the assets of the person who is responsible to come up with an appropriate settlement to pursue.

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