Making Roads Safer is an Immediate Possibility


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We learn, from a very young age, the dangers of drinking and driving. The laws of this country reflect an attempt to safely keep intoxicated individuals out away from behind the wheel of a car, to the point that children, teenagers and young adults are often even taught or at least encouraged to stay away from alcohol altogether when they do reach the legal drinking age. After all, there is an individual injured every two minutes somewhere in the nation, as a result of a drunk driving crash.

And yet there is a new problem that can often be as problematic as drinking and driving, considering the fact that many people do not even see the issue with it at all. This problem comes in the form of texting or manipulating other devices, or allowing other distractions into the vehicle with you.

Why you might be more likely to need a car accident lawyer

Texting while driving has now become illegal in many places, and for good reason. While normal texting seems to be such a simple and quick action, when it is done while driving, it takes all of the attention of the driver away from the road. Some may say that they can keep an eye on the road while texting, and it may be true that you have the ability to be aware of some movement ahead of you or around you, but many people do not realize how much of their regular driving ability is impaired while texting. And the fact that people feel exempt, or that they might be more capable than others, starts to sound very similar to the argument that some drivers make in relation to drinking while under the influence, even when feeling just a little buzzed.

Disassociating the risks of texting and driving from the dangers of drinking and driving will make a driver more likely to feel safe or capable enough to attempt it. And that act of engaging in a visual-manual subtask will increase the risk of being involved in a vehicle collision by three times. Visual-manual tasks are typically associated with using phones or other hand held portable devices, and include texting or dialing, or even simply reaching for the phone. All of these actions that many drivers seem to be comfortable with will invariably lead to the higher risk of an accident, and eventually needing an accident lawyer.

Avoiding the need for an accident lawyer

Naturally, there are not any foolproof techniques for avoiding the need for an accident lawyer. By very definition, an accident is nothing that is willfully caused, and even by taking the utmost care to be diligent on the road, there are always going to be potentially dangerous factors that are out of anyone’s control. But that care and diligence, and will power to not pick up the phone or other device could lead to the difference between needing a personal injury lawyer or an accident attorney and trying to find a wrongful death lawyer through the fog of grief. At any given moment during the daylight hours across the nation, there are about 660,000 people behind the wheel of a vehicle who are using their cell phones or otherwise attempting to manipulate or navigate some sort of electronic device. If every one of those individuals would put their devices down, countless dollars could be saved, and more importantly, countless lives could be saved.

The rapidly advancing age of technology is certainly exciting. We are living in a time that seems to happen upon a new discovery or application for devices that improves our lives almost daily, and it is hard to ignore that. But during the time spent behind the wheel of a car, they absolutely must be. There are too many senseless deaths and injuries as it is, and if we could help to minimize those numbers by even the smallest amount, it would be worth it.

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