Riding a Motorcycle Is Dangerous, and if You Are Injured, You May Need an Attorney


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Riding a motorcycle equates to a feeling of freedom for some people. Riding down the road exposed to the elements is the ultimate high for some people. Riding a motorcycle also carries an “outlaw” reputation, something that appeals to a certain segment of the population. But riding a motorcycle is dangerous, with motorcyclists 35 times more likely to be killed in a crash than the driver of a car or truck. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you are likely to be seriously injured and may need a long time to recover, which could mean missing work. In such a case, it may be important for you to work with a personal injury attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

The best way to protect yourself in a motorcycle crash is to wear a helmet. Research has shown that helmets reduce the risk of being killed in a crash by more than one-third. However, wearing a helmet does not necessarily reduce your risk of injury, other than head injury, which helmets reduce by about two-thirds compared to not wearing a helmet. Any type of motorcycle crash other than a minor fender bender is likely to cause injury just simply because of the nature of motorcycle riding.

The most common injuries in motorcycle crashes other than head injuries are broken bones and skin and muscle injuries. A motorcycle crash can cause “road rash,” which are severe scrapes that can be more problematic than burns. Broken bones and road rash can lead to the need for long periods of recovery and medical treatment, including physical therapy, which can be expensive.

Even if you have good health insurance coverage, the devastation of a motorcycle crash can still put a severe financial strain on you. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you could be forced to miss long stretches of work, which can mean no income coming in while you are racking up big bills. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may want to look into hiring a motorcycle accident attorney. Working with an attorney can help ensure you don’t have to worry about financial ruin while recovering from your motorcycle accident injuries. An attorney can work to ensure you get the best insurance settlement and also sue the driver that caused your injuries if necessary.

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, but it is inherently dangerous. Wearing a helmet can help protect you, but if you are in an accident and sustain injuries, you may need an attorney to protect your rights.

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