When Marriage Ends, The World Does Not


Professional lawyers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where everyone always got along, or if they couldn’t get along they could at least work everything out quickly and amicably? Alas, real life is not a fairy tale, and even the most patient, well-intentioned and amicable sometimes run into situations that would be better suited for professional lawyers to handle. And it’s not just alleged lawbreakers who would benefit from an aggressive attorney fighting tooth and nail for the rights of his or her client. Everyday citizens can find themselves at the mercy of the courtroom as well.

When you might want an aggressive attorney
Life has a way of sneaking up on us with surprises sometimes. The legal issues that one might run into aren’t necessarily being at the wrong end of a lawsuit or an implication that you’ve committed any wrongs against society. That aggressive attorney might be needed to get you the right divorce settlement. The end of a relationship can be tumultuous enough already, but add into the mix the seemingly insurmountable task of legally going your separate ways as far as assets, paperwork, custody and any number of other things are concerned and you’ve got yourself a highly stressful situation. One that someone with a little more distance from the heartache of it all would probably be better negotiating.

What went wrong?

Sometimes there isn’t any hostility, bitterness, or hard feelings involved in a divorce. But examining the very nature of the dispute — a legal separation of love — it is bound to be emotional on some front or another. Considering that in about 80% of divorce cases the decision was one-sided, it’s no mystery figuring out why many divorces get ugly. And of course there are the sad statistics about marriage and divorce in general: the probability of a person’s first marriage ending at some point in the first five years is 20%, and after just one decade of marriage the probability of divorce is 33%. However it is not all gloom and doom, even for those whose marriages do end. Many cases are able to reach an agreement out-of-court, and of those who chose to have their divorces mediated, over two-thirds claimed that they were content with the outcome.

Life most often does not resemble a fairy tale. That doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for love or stop believing in the beauty of healthy and long-lasting relationships. But should a marriage end, there are systems in place to make the whole process go just that much more smoothly.

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