Filing For Bankruptcy Or A Medical Claim? Choose The Right Legal Representative


Bankruptcy claim

It seems like an accident or legal stumble can happen at any time in your life. Americans all across the country find themselves in need of a legal representative to help them navigate the system at large and get their life back into their own hands, whether it’s contacting accident claims lawyers for work-related reasons or filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy attorney. Knowing which services to inquire, however, can be the first hurdle on your way to recovery. Let’s take a look at the services that legal representatives can offer you and how you can go about figuring out the legal system with relevant resources and a little basic knowledge.

Civil Lawsuits And Personal Injury

Civil lawsuits are a form of legal filing between individuals, with many different reasons laying the foundation for this particular form of legal dispute. The average annual cost of civil lawsuits in the United States economy is over $230 billion, with the majority of cases revolving around personal injury and occupational illnesses. Only 2% of personal injury tort cases will actually go to trial, however, with the majority handled outside of the courtroom through skilled legal representatives. Most federal civil personal injury lawsuits result from vehicle crashes and faulty products, followed closely by medical malpractice and illness.

Bankruptcy And Debt

It’s estimated 3% of businesses apply for bankruptcy every year, primarily for reasons involving mounting expenses, while the number for personal individuals constitutes the vast majority of filings. Medical or student loan debt is one of the most common reasons for bankruptcy filing, followed closely by personal injury or loss of a job. Applying for an attorney sees the success for Chapter 7 bankruptcies at over 95%, with the average case amounting anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

Social Security And Disability Benefits

Over five million people were awarded Social Security benefits in the year 2014, totaling up to over 60 million people covered by the administration. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that half of all Gen Xers, as well as half of all Millennials, believing they would qualify for Social Security benefits by the time they are ready for retirement and may have plans on filing sooner. With recent studies showing that one in four young adults will face disability before reaching retirement, it’s more than likely Social Security benefactors will only keep increasing for the next few decades.

Car Accidents And DUIs

One of the most common sources of legal strife revolve around irresponsible driving, with drunk driving legal and damage costs seeing the U.S. spend nearly $200 billion every year. While driving under the influence of alcohol accounts for a large amount of car crashes, a significant portion includes driving under the influence of both illicit and prescription medication. Auto accident lawyers specialize in the field of car accidents and related medical health issues.

Finding A Legal Representative

Whether it’s trying to settle a case with debt or seeking out compensation for medical malpractice, your first step is finding a legal representative that can assist you financially as well as emotionally. A disability lawyer, for example, is deeply familiar with filing disability claims and assisting with the fallout of a lost job while bankruptcy lawyers specialize in both filing for bankruptcy as well as assisting you in getting back on your feet, with some also working in public awareness campaigns. Although seeking out a legal representative can seem like a difficult task, choosing the one that’s right for your situation will see faster and more relevant results in the future.

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